Cycle World is reporting that Honda has an updated CBR600RR in the works.  The new 2021 machine will not be a clean sheet of paper design; rather, it will be a refresh with CBR1000RR-R styling and enhanced electronics.

Obviously, a refresh is more economical than a completely new model.  And, Cycle World says that their Honda insider thinks that this may be the last hurrah for Honda’s 600cc supersport machine.  The final nail in the CBR600RR’s coffin may be increasing and more stringent emission regulations.

If the CBR600RR gets the CBR1000RR treatment, you can expect to see some downforce generating winglets and a generally “swoopier” fairing.  While the mechanicals to the bike will likely be mostly unchanged, its new electronics will be a different story.

Honda is reportedly developing a new inertial measurement unit (IMU) that features lean-sensitive traction control and cornering ABS.  Those changes would bring the CBR600RR’s tech features in line with today’s sportbike expectations.

While tweaks may give the new CBR600RR lower emissions, it likely won’t be able to comply with Euro 5 requirements easily.  The engine has been in production since the 2007 model year, which is eons ago for emissions.

Meeting Euro 5 requirements would require some significant expenditures.  Expenditures that Honda may not want to invest in, particularly in a segment that has shrunk significantly in recent years.  While the latest updates may prolong the CBR600RR’s life in some countries, it’s likely all over for the machine in Europe.




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