Recently, published a story on the Honda X-ADV scooter. Unfortunately, Honda’s X-ADV (aka ADV 750) scooter has been recalled. The funky “adventure scooter crossover” has been recalled due to potential loss of power problems. The recall can be found on the Economic Commission’s (EC) Safety Gate, its Rapid Alert System for dangerous non- food products.

The recall effects X-ADV scooters that were produced between January 26, 2017, and April 10, 2018. The issue stems from heat. When continuously ridden at low speed, the heat generated affects the PPTC (Polymer positive temperature coefficient) device of the ECU. Once a certain temperature is reached, the scooter may enter into its fail safe mode.

The result on the scooter is that shifting becomes impossible. Accordingly, driving force may be lost and it will not be possible to continue riding.

If you would like to check the alert itself, it is filed under Alert Number: A12/1870/18.

Above is the actual notification. If you would like to check other machines for recalls, you can go to the EC Safety Gate Website.


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