If you’re planning a long motorcycle journey, accommodation is something to think about. Are you going to camp, stay in a hotel, hostel, or Airbnb? All options are valid, and you can mix and match as you go along. Generally, however, here’s what you should consider.


When I’m looking for hotels or Airbnbs, first thing I check is whether they have secure motorcycle parking. I often end up parking Lucy in hotel lobbies or foyers, people’s yards, and even storage rooms – and that’s fine as long as I know it’s safe. Most of the time, hotels will have secure garages or locked parking lots, whereas hostels don’t always have parking space. With Airbnb, I always send a message to the host first and ask if they have secure bike parking, because “free parking on premises” often just means street parking.


I used to stay in hostels while backpacking, but nowadays, I just need my own space. It can be a tiny Airbnb room, but I’m not sharing it with anyone. While hostels are usually significantly cheaper, I just don’t want to spend a night in a packed eight-bed dorm. That’s just me, though. If you love socializing, hostels can be a great and very economical way to travel.


Often, hotels are the most expensive option compared to hostels and Airbnb. However, the balance sometimes evens out: hotels often offer free breakfast, which can reduce your daily costs, and they are often located near the town or city center. Airbnbs might be located in the suburbs or other areas where you’ll need a cab to get to the center. When booking a hotel, always do a price compare online on sites like Booking, then hop on AirBnB to see what’s cheaper.

The cheapest accommodation is, of course, your own tent. Apps like iOverlander are great for finding cheap campsites and wild camping spots along the way. Don’t forget to add your own recommendations and reviews to help other travelers!




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