You might be thinking, long-term sounds like a  good idea, but maybe you should be thinking is long-term travel right for ME…who is to really know without actually doing it?

…but how do know do it without doing it?

I’ve has the same conversation more than a few times and suggested a test, but never actually heard back from the person to see if they followed thru…my ideas went something like this.

  • Practice it living at home!
  • give yourself a budget, $60 a day is realistic
  • deduct $20 per day for average costs of accommodation
  • your balance is now $40 per day
  • live your normal life, pay your mortgage/ rent/ utilities/ go to work as normal
  • keep all your stuff – basically, risk nothing at all

but do everything else like a long distance rider with that $40

  • sleep in a tent, or in your (sleeping bag on the floor if you live in an apartment, maybe with the windows open) 2-5 times a week preferably in a garden/ backyard if you can
  • make yourself do it in the rain more than a few times
  • set the tent up in the rain and then sleep in the tent
  • set your tent up on a concrete floor and sleep the night
  • go to campgrounds as often as you can
  • cook with camping only equipment
  • ride ONLY your motorcycle to do EVERYTHING regardless of the weather
  • on your days off ride 100 – 500 miles and then go to a campground and set up your tent and feed yourself
  • next day do it again to a different location
  • wash and clean your teeth and your clothes in a river or lake and then wear them for a few days/ a week
  • take a freezing cold shower on a cold day and dry yourself with a t-shirt
  • sit in your tent for a day and amuse yourself without leaving it
  • load your bike up and push it 500 yards
  • ride in every weather condition
  • not be online for a week…that’s a tough one for most people
  • find disgusting food, and eat that, it happens on the road on occasion
  • change a tire in the rain
  • speak to random strangers, you initiate the conversation

these are just a few of the things that might happen to you on the road nationally or internationally on a long trip, try them out see how you feel and if you like it…

But think about this, if you did do just the above, think of the money you’d save while doing it (REFERENCE THIS) then maybe at the end of a year or so living like this you could actually afford to do and do it for real, take a LOA/ sabbatical for a few months or a year and then, you get the added bonus of all the great things that can happen every day on the road.

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