We are all dreaming right now about riding, some of us (me) when the time comes, we want to get as far away as possible, farther than ever!

…but with distance riding comes an issue, carrying excess fuel, so you can get all the way out there…and get back.

The obvious add on to get range, is a big tank, for me its a requirement, if the stock motorcycle doesn’t have a big tank then I get one from the aftermarket. Think Acerbis/ IMS/ Clarke etc. for solutions

My DR650 with an Safari 8 gallon/ 30 liter tank…that expanded to over 9 gallons after 40,000 miles

For those of you that are lucky enough Camel Tanks  makes auxiliary tanks for a few select bikes

Next up would be probably Rotopax, a simple solution that bolts on in various places and is removable which is great when you don’t need it on the bike

Above are two 1 gallon Rotopax stacked, if you are looking to buy Rotopax, also look at the 1.75-gallon version, it is only slightly bigger in size than the 1 gallon for nearly double the volume…this ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ and then leaves you space to put stuff on top if needed

Other options might be gas station fuel cans or similar, secured a few different ways, have a read through the ‘lets see your bike carrying extra fuel’ there are numerous ways inmates have done this, some worked some didn’t!!! Ask a question???

Another option for carrying a smaller amount of fuel, usually for more dirt oriented bikes are MSR or Primus bottles 1-1 1/2 liters, there are a few companies that make holders for these, Wolfman, Mosko Moto make storage pouches specifically made to fit MSR bottles

Other options riders have used are water/ soda bottles, mylar bags from Starbucks not always a great idea unless you are in a real pinch.


The absolute king of the hill for carrying extra fuel and also having a small pack size when you don’t need it is, the Giant Loop Gas Bag, available in 1, 2, 3 and 5-gallon sizes.

As the Giant Loop gas bag is soft set up, besides not being prone to cracking like the solid version from vibration it is also extremely durable and can take an amazing amount of impact if you do fall on it in a crash

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