Seriously.  How much do you love motorcycles?  How far would you go to own one?  Well for one Mozambique man the answer is; frighteningly and gruesomely far.  He dug up human bones.

The man whose name has not been released was allegedly apprehended by the police in northern Nampula province Mozambique.  According to Britain’s Daily Mail, one man went so far as to dig up the bones of his father, mother, and uncle  in exchange for a motorcycle and $300 in cash.

Allegedly, a “businessman” wanted to obtain human bones of people “who died without getting sick”.  Police believe that the businessman wanted the bones for some sort of witchcraft type of hexing ritual.

The arrested man told the BBC:

“The boss told me to look for bones from people who died without getting sick. In exchange, you will get a motorbike.  I went to a family cemetery, dug up the bones from my father’s, my mother’s and my uncle’s graves.”

Unfortunately for the alleged criminal, the businessman he was to meet for the exchange never showed.  There’s no word on the whereabouts or detention of the “businessman” who made the offer.  Hopefully, the authorities in Mozambique will utilize their resources to apprehend the “businessman” as well.

While many people really love motorcycles, at least, in this case, it seems that the person took his passion just a bit too far.

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