The Delhi belly, the Montezuma’s Revenge – however, you call it, getting food poisoning while traveling is no fun. Here are some tips to avoid it!

 Make Sure It’s Cooked

Most well-cooked food is safe to eat. Sure, fresh veggies and fruit are an important part of the diet, but if you’re somewhere where the food looks sketchy, just make sure it’s well cooked.

Bring Your Own Water

Always carry some bottled water with you – contaminated water is one of the main causes of food poisoning. Also, avoid ice in your drinks even if it’s sweltering hot – you don’t know what water was used to make it.

Eat Like A Local

Locals know all the best eateries, restaurants and street food stalls, so pick a place that’s busy with local life and enjoy!

How To Avoid Food Poisoning While Traveling

Don’t Diss Street Food

Lots of Westerners stay well away from street food in the developing world – but most of the time, this is the freshest and tastiest food available. Street vendors usually have a good turnover of food so you’re less likely to get food that has gone bad.

Cook Your Own Meals

If all else fails, just prepare your own food. Buy your own veggies, meats, and fish and you’ll know exactly how well it’s been cleaned, prepared, and cooked before it ends up in your belly!

Be Prepared

No matter how careful you are being, chances are, you’ll get food poisoning at some point during your trip. Carry some Loperamide tablets; if you do get food poisoning, make sure you rest and drink plenty of water (ideally, have some electrolytes with you to hydrate better) and eat bland and salty foods like crackers for a little while until you feel better. See a doctor if symptoms don’t subside within the first 24 hours!


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