Love riding two-up? That’s awesome, but if you’ve noticed your pillion passenger gets cold way before you do, there are good reasons for that. They aren’t protected by a windshield, they aren’t doing much (while you’re concentrating on the road, changing gears, putting your foot down, etc), and if your pillion is a female, well, women tend to get cold faster than men because our body temperature is usually a little lower.

So here’s how to keep your pillion passenger warm and happy!


Make sure you both have a nice, hot meal before the ride – your pillion will feel warmer with a full belly. Ideally, stop for hot drinks or snacks every hour or so if the ride is going to take all day. If you’re riding someplace more remote, take a thermos of tea, coffee or hot chocolate with you. It’s nice to have breaks often and have something hot to warm up!


Speaking of breaks: make sure you include little walks when you stop, or simply jump around a little just to get the blood flowing. Your pillion passenger needs to stretch their legs as often as possible.


It may be tempting to just put a large woolly jumper on, but the reality is that layers keep you warm better. Get your pillion a solid pair of thermals and add a thicker liner or fleece underneath the riding jacket. Thick, soft neck warmers are a must, too!

Heated liners

A heated jacket can be a fantastic solution for  pillion who’s always freezing. This First Gear Heated Jacket plugs into your bike and has heated wires not only in the chest area but also neck and sleeves, so it’ll keep your pillion passenger warm and toasty in any weather.

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