John Clark’s is a story we heard over and over from small business owners at AIMExpo in Las Vegas.

He’s a rider (in his case, motocross racing) and he had a problem with his gear. He couldn’t find a solution in the marketplace, so he fashioned his own. Someone (or some people) told him there was demand for what he’d made. And so he launched a business.

In Clark’s case, the problem was that his bike didn’t fit him. Specifically, he couldn’t get his brake pedal and shift lever in the ideal position for his body type and it affected his race times.

So Clark eventually founded Hammerhead Designs and made his solutions available to all.

Hammerhead Designs Shift levers and brake arms with choice of tips

What Hammerhead sells are machined shift levers and brake pedals. They’re all designed to accommodate a wide variety of tip sizes.

Clark also has a patent pending on a spline design that will prevent the shift lever from stripping its housing if it takes a strong impact. His concept is both stronger materials at the connecting point and an arm that will give a little instead of imparting the full force onto the splines.

Tips galore from Hammerhead Designs

The brake pedals are designed so that you can move the tip backward or forward to suit yourself. And again, they machine and sells a variety of tips to best fit your needs, be they street or dirt.

Hammerhead makes its products from billet aluminum and titanium, and that includes the custom pegs we haven’t even talked about yet. They’re designed to bring up the corner most pegs leave off, giving you a solid four points of contact for better control when making maneuvers.

Squared-off pegs for better control from Hammerhead Designs

Prices vary depending upon the material used, with forged shift levers starting at $35 and going up to $75, and tips around the $25 mark. Machined or forged brake pedals can cover a range, but you’ll find products in the are of $100 to $180. Brake tips go from $35 to $60.

Frankly, Clark has designed too many products to fit in this blog post. If you have a problem making your bike a good fit for your body, and especially if you have high-performance demands, then to get a complete picture of what he has it’s best to go to the Hammerhead website and see the options for yourself.

Hammerheads Designs pegs

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