Now that the European borders are finally opening up, I’m getting ready to hit the road again. I’ve been stuck in Lithuania for over two months now, and it feels like forever; I can’t wait to set off again, and although it’s hard to plan a route just yet (different countries have different COVID-19 policies and not all are opening at the same time), at least I can get the bike ready and start packing – which used to be a bit of an ordeal.

Except what I’ve discovered is, packing only took me thirty minutes this time. I carry Mosko Moto saddlebags and a duffel on my bike, so for me, space is thankfully quite limited and it makes it very easy to pack. Here’s how:

Bedroom, Living Room, Office

Whenever border officials ask me what’s in my panniers and duffel, I point at each bag and say “this is my bedroom, this is my living room, and this is my office”. Not very original perhaps, but that’s how space is divided in my luggage: the bedroom pannier used to be dedicated to my camping gear (it currently houses my MX gear as I don’t camp anymore and need lighter gear for rallies). The “living room” pannier houses my clothes, toiletries, and hiking boots. The “office” – the duffel bag – carries my laptop, camera, and other electronics.

That’s it. My tools and spares live in the toolbox below the luggage rack, I have a small tank bag for all sorts of small bits and bobs, and a small Leatt backpack where I carry water.

When you divide your luggage into several parts like this and do not overfill it, it can take just thirty minutes to pack everything up and hit the road, regardless of whether you’re off for a weekend or years on the road.


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