Riding round the world is the ultimate adventure for many: setting off into the unknown, exploring the world, and living off your motorcycle can be the best experience of your life.

But what if you can’t afford to just take off for months or even years? Here’s how to ride RTW one country at a time.

Work and Ride

Dan, Justin and Bob, an adventure trio of End of All Roads, have found the perfect travel formula that works for them. They’ve decided they wanted to ride RTW but couldn’t just drop everything and leave.

Instead, they rode their bikes as far as they could, then stored them and flew home to work. As soon as they could take more time off, they went back to their bikes and rode a little further. This way, Dan, Justin and Bob have already made it to Ecuador on their own motorcycles – all while keeping their jobs intact and their families happy!

If you can take some time off work a few times a year, this model might be a great RTW option for you.

Fly and Ride

If you can’t travel on your bike and store it for logistics reasons, see if you can fly in, rent a bike, and ride for a while before heading home. As adventure riding is becoming more and more popular, dual sport and adventure bike rental companies are cropping up all over the world. Mongolia, the Himalayas, South America, Africa – just pick a destination, rent a bike, and go!

How to Ride RTW… One Country at a Time www.advrider.com

Join a Tour

The planning, organizing and logistics can take up a lot of time and energy, so if you’re pressed for both, why not join an organized tour? Much like motorcycle rental, adventure tour companies offer a variety of different trips around the planet: from hard enduro expeditions in the Andes or Central Asia to more comfortable rides in South Africa or Europe – there’s something for everyone out there.

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