Most people think traveling in Europe is crazy expensive, but the reality is, it doesn’t have to be. If you save a little on accommodation, the rest (except for fuel prices) isn’t too bad.

Here are three ways to save on accommodation in Europe.


Pack your own hotel!

Camping can save you a lot, and in Europe, you will find lots of free camping sites. Even if they are not free, it’ll still cost you less than high accommodation charges in hotels and BnBs. Riding a bike and camping usually go hand in hand, especially if you love getting off the road. Use the iOverlander app to find both free and organized campsites throughout Europe.


One of the best ways to find cheap accommodation during your trip is Airbnb. It is an online platform where people rent out their properties or spare rooms for the guests. Always make sure you message the host and ask them if they have secure parking for your bike, because “free parking on premises” might just mean street parking.


Couchsurfing not only provides you with free accommodation, but it is a great way get to know the locals. Most of the time, hosts are happy to show you around town or at least recommend their favorite eateries and must-visit spots in the area. You never know, you just might find a local rider on Couchsurfing, too.

The best way to get good reviews and find hosts quickly is to host someone yourself. Before your trip to Europe, open your own home to guests. Paying forward is good karma!

Couchsurfing is aimed mostly at backpackers however, so for motorcycle-specific people, check out the Europe thread right here on ADV Rider.

If you don’t shy from chatting to locals, you might just get invited to stay with someone as you go along.

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