Selfies: the most hated, the most popular, and the most millennial way to create social media content that came as a silly fad but that, it seems, is here to stay. Whether you’re a fan of selfies or not, having some great photos of yourself when you’re traveling is nice. It doesn’t have to become an obsession, but let’s face it – sometimes, it’s pretty neat to have a photo of yourself in some memorable location or situation while you’re on the road.

But how to selfie when you’re traveling solo?

Here are three ways to immortalize yourself in a photo, even when you’re on your own.

The Easy Way: Ask People

Oldie but goodie: just walk up to other people, be it locals or other travelers, and ask them to take your picture. This is one of the most common gestures people are still happy to do for complete strangers: perhaps it’s because deep down, we all want to freeze our most treasured moments in a photograph. So ask away, and you shall receive.

The Millenial Way: Carry a Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks aren’t just sticks any longer: most of them have a remote control nowadays, allowing you to take photos of yourself on your bike or while moving; some can also be transformed into little tripods. Even a basic $10 selfie stick will do.

Selfie stick for the win. Image: Pixabay

The Pro Way: Camera and Tripod

If you’re into photography, you probably already carry a camera that isn’t just a tiny lens on your phone, and it probably has a timer function. All you need now is a remote control and a tripod! Find that perfect frame, set the camera, grab the remote, and selfie away.

Do you selfie when traveling solo, and why/why not? let me know in the comments below.

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