Iceland is very high, and quite often on the very top of many adventure bike riders’ list of countries they really want to ride.

…but being stuck out in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, the logistics of getting your own motorcycle there might seem a little out or very daunting especially if you have never traveled internationally with your own motorcycle before.

I recently spent a month there with my own KTM 500exc riding every road, track and trail the weather and legal requirements would allow me to, some 5350km’s worth

Screengrab from video

The initial idea of doing this might scare some, so I have put together a video showing you how, including, costs, logistics at each end, legal requirements, costs of day-to-day riding including, camping, hostels, hotel etc. Also food, and where to get the best deals to help keep your budget in check.


Of course, the weather is mentioned as Iceland is famous for weather! Most riders know about the rain, but I go into detail about the wind too, often overlooked but very important, and where to find the best weather, and a very accurate app to use.

If the video is intriguing to you but you’d like a little more information and see what the riding is really like you could also jump over to ride reports where it’s all documented in words and photos, in my current ride report ‘A World of Dirt…On A 500exc’ plus nine separate videos of what I encountered on a daily basis when I was actually riding around the country, the places I went, the things I saw, and the rivers I crossed!

ICELAND coverage starts at this page, click this line to go to it

There are of course other options for riding there, multiple rental companies who either offer bikes or tours, make sure if you go this route you read the fine print because riding dirt roads is restricted with some rental companies.

A simple google search will get you a good list if a short 3-10 day trip is all you could do right now – THIS

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