ADVRider has been around for a long time.  During that time, we’ve seen millions of posts made by hundreds of thousands of inmates.  If you’ve been a long term inmate, you likely have seen a lot and possibly contributed a lot.  If you’re new, there are lots to see and do here.

This week’s quiz tests how well you know ADVRider.  Long term inmates will find this quiz easier than those who have recently arrived.  However, all the answers are somewhere in ADVRider and most are readily findable.  If you don’t know the answer, guess.  I think you’ll find the resulting information interesting!

(Note: Once you make a selection, the answer highlighted with the green bar is the correct answer. The percentage of people who chose each answer appears at the right side of each bar. Over time, the percentages will change as more people respond. We will post a summary of results once the quiz closes.)

Note:  Here’s how to read the quiz results:

  • The correct answer is in the green bar. 
  • The percentage of time an answer was selected is at the end of each bar.  
  • These percentages will change over time as more people respond to the quiz. 
  • If you miss or forget the answer to each question, just click on the quiz again and the correct answer, your choices, and percentages each answer was selected will be shown again.

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