As an adventure rider, you may have the opportunity to ride in places foreign to you.  You may come across road signs that you may have never seen before.  Some are pretty clear on their face, while others may require a bit of imagination to understand the sign’s intent.

We’ve gathered some real international road signs from around the world for you.  Your job is to tell us what the meaning of the sign is.  It may be trickier than you think!

(Note: Once you make a selection, the answer highlighted with the green bar is the correct answer. The percentage of people who chose each answer appears at the right side of each bar. Over time, the percentages will change as more people respond. We will post a summary of results once the quiz closes.)

Once you’ve completed the quiz, let us know how well you did in the comments below.

CORRECTION:  Three answers have been corrected as indicated by inmate Yannick.  Thanks.

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