While the current COVID-19 pandemic is often bringing out the worst in people, from panic buys to mask hoarding, in so many other ways, humanity wins. Italians are singing out of their balconies to help boost morale; in Istanbul, people stand in their balconies and clap for the doctors and nurses; and in Spain, police officers are driving around and dancing trying to cheer people up. All around the world, acts of kindness and solidarity and the spirit of community are shining through.

Recently, I personally experienced humans being awesome in the face of the unknown.  I am currently under quarantine in Vilnius, Lithuania, and I am self-isolating for two weeks. This means no going out – certainly not for non-essential errands, like, say, coffee. Coffee places are closed now, anyhow… And if there’s anything I would sell my soul for right now, it’s a tall latte. Silly, I know. Yet, I was craving coffee so much I actually posted this in social media the other day:

“If anyone is riding to Starbucks, please Go Pro your experience for me”. Mostly, jokingly.

But then this happened:

Gary Miller, a Scottish BMW GS 1200 rider, saw my post and decided to go on a mission. Gary went 50 miles out of his way to ride to Starbucks, get a coffee, film it all, and send it over to me.

“Riding my GS to a Starbucks – I’m quite happy to endorse stereotypes on this occasion. Anyway, Egle, this is for you”, Gary said in his video.

Needless to say, this made my day – in fact, this probably made my week.

Thank you so much, Gary, and I hope that in Scotland, the Starbucks stays open, and that you can ride your bike as much as you want!

Have you witnessed humans being awesome during the pandemic? Let me know in the comments below!

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