Husqvarna is moving towards electric mobility.  In a press release, Husky is giving us glimpses of its new E-Pilen electric concept bike.  Obviously, it takes its inspiration from Husky’s Vitpilen and Svartpilen models.

Husky says that its bikes are already known for being progressive, smart, dynamic, and purely design-oriented.  And they say that their new electric designs will continue to be hallmarks of the E-mobility line.  As its entry into electric motorcycles, the E-Pilen’s design caters to the “…urban commuter and leisure rider.”

The details on the bike are pretty sparse at the moment.  But we do know that it has a “power output of 8 kW and a claimed range of 100 km.

Interestingly, Husky says that it is keeping “…an open approach to all battery opportunities, aiding the parallel advantage of both fixed and swappable solutions.”

With this theme in mind, the E-Pilen concept features a modular and swappable battery system that will allow the power pack to be exchanged.

Also highlighting its move into urban mobility, Husky says that it will expand its dealer presence in urban and metropolitan areas.  And they are significantly committing to electric power.

“Husqvarna Motorcycles is going forward into the future with a zero-emissions product range to broaden the brand’s appeal to existing riders as well as a whole new audience.”

Husqvarna’s announcement that they will be bringing a zero-emission product range is no small commitment.  They are saying that you can expect to see more than one electric Husqvarna motorcycle in the future.  How long it will take them to build a zero-emission product line is unclear.  But with this announcement, it’s certain that Husky sees electric motorcycles in its future.


All photo credit: Husqvarna

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