If you are a motorcycle racing fan, you may enjoy a new series that Husqvarna is releasing to video.  “Drop the Gate” is a new series concentrating on the Husqvarna’s factory racing teams in multiple disciplines.

Drop The Gate will concentrate on Husky’s top riders from all over the world.  The series will cover world-level motocross, supercross, rally, and enduro.  Some of the racers include Graham Jarvis, Zach Osborne, Arminas Jasikonis, Kay de Wolf, and Skyler Howes.

The Swedish heritage, Austrian manufactured bike company says that the idea behind Drop The Gate is to give the viewers a deeper understanding of their world class athletes.  The mix of riders appearing in the series provides a diverse mix of rookies and veterans.   Each rider has the opportunity to share their own unique story about their rise to factory level racers.

Husqvarna Drop The Gate

The first episode of Drop The Gate features Arminas Jasikonis’ recovery after a severe injury. Photo credit: Husqvarna

The first episode of the video series documents every long and arduous step of Arminas Jasikonis’ rehabilitation following a severe injury in September 2020.  Husky says that the video presents an incredible story.  One of bravery, courage, and determination all of which captured in its opening episode of Drop The Gate.

With the development of this video series, it seems that Husqvarna wants the public to know that it is keeping up with its parent company’s (KTM) “Ready To Race” ethos.  Since KTM purchased the brand in 2013, Husqvarna’s racing presence and footprint continues to grow.

If you would like to see each of the Drop The Gate videos, you can sign up at Husqvarna Motorcycle’s YouTube channel. 


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