Husqvarna’s big news at EICMA was the Norden 901 concept bike, but it had some other interesting news for adventure riders, including updates to the 701 Enduro and the new 701 Enduro LR.

The 701 Enduro LR is probably the most exciting bit of news for Husqvarna fans who wanted just a little more from their 701—specifically, just a little more range. While some riders are buying the 701 Enduro to do “enduro” things, others are buying it because it’s the most powerful thumper on the market, and they want an up-to-date replacement for their old big-bore dual sport, to convert it into a full-blown adventure bike.

Trouble is, the 701 doesn’t have the fuel capacity of the gold standard of 650 duallies, the KLR. And, because the fuel tank is hidden in the rear subframe, you can’t easily put a larger tank on the 701, like you could with the DR650 and XR650L and other similar models. There is an auxiliary tank system available from IMS, but this involves modifying your stock bike, something some owners won’t want to do. And there’s always the option of bringing along extra gas in a Rotopax-style container, but that’s a clumsy solution.

Husqvarna has gotten around to tackling the problem by creating the 701 Enduro LR. Along with the standard 13-liter fuel tank, the LR stores another 12 liters of fuel in a forward-mounted auxiliary tank, same as the IMS setup (it could very well be an IMS system installed, by the look of it), and similar to the placement of the gas tank on a conventional motorcycle. You must switch between the two tanks manually, but it’s still an easier system than pulling over and emptying jerry cans into your tank.

Husqvarna says the LR can go as far as 500 km on its dual-tank setup. It’s otherwise basically the same as the standard 701 model, which got some choice upgrades for 2020. The 701 Enduro, and the closely-related 701 Supermoto, get cornering ABS, lean-sensitive traction control and separate ride modes for next year. The Enduro and Supermoto models also get separate graphics packages for the first time.

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