Husqvarna is announcing its new Svartpilen 125.  The bike takes aim at younger riders to “give younger riders the opportunity to learn and travel with certainty.”  Husky goes on to say that its new Svartpilen 125 boasts a “…single-cylinder engine with intelligent design, high-end componentry, agile handling, and a rugged aesthetic.”

Taking its styling from the Svartpilen series of bikes, the bike provides “…inspiring ergonomics, unique style, and assertive performance.”  Its 125cc single-cylinder engine is EURO5 compliant and provides low fuel consumption.

Svartpilen 125

Husky is targeting younger and new riders with the Svartpilen 125.

The machine comes equipped with some of the components found on other Svartpilen series bikes.  The Svartpilen 125 comes equipped with ByBre brakes and Bosch ABS, which according to Husky provides superior braking performance and control in all conditions.

Suspension components come from WP.  At the front, you’ll find WP APEX 43mm open cartridge forks.  At the rear, Husky has chosen to mount a WP APEX shock.

Svartpilen 125

The bike has an aggressive urban look.

The bike rides on 17-inch front and rear spoked wheels wrapped by Pirelli semi-knobby tires.  Both the bike’s headlight and taillight are LED.  All up, the bike weighs in at a claimed 321 pounds (146 kg).

According to Husky, all of these things provide the Svartpilen 125 with an excellent power to weight ratio through its Euro 5 homologated, A1 license compliant single-cylinder engine.  The bike’s “light” weight and suspension setup should provide good handling for younger and newer riders.

Svartpilen 125

Husky hopes that the Svartpilen 125 will attract younger and new riders.

The new Husky is now available in select markets (countries) at authorized Husqvarna dealers.  Unfortunately, Husqvarna did not specify which markets the bike is available in.  They also did not provide pricing.


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