Multiple outlets are reporting that Husqvarna is working on a smaller displacement Norden model.  Notably, German site Speedweek is showing spy photos of what they say is potentially the Norden 401.

Quoting from the website (translated from German):

Unlike the current model generation of the mid-displacement segment, which consists only of the café racer Vitpilen 401 and the Scrambler-like Svartpilen 401, the new Husqvarna entry-level series will be much more diversified in the future. This was already indicated by a presentation for investors, which found its way online at the end of 2019. For the next 401 series, a Supermoto, an adventure bike in the style of its big sister Norden 901 and even a Bobber are planned.

Whether Husqvarna and the parent company KTM will ultimately be able to put all these plans into practice, however, still seems unclear against the background of the pandemic that has occurred in the meantime and the associated adjustments in the product planning of the Mattighofen-based company. However, a model that will be placed between the successor of the Svartpilen 401 and the completely new Norden 401 can now be regarded as confirmed.

The spy photos are relatively clear, and they give us some clues about the makeup of the potential new Norden.  The pictures show a smallish bike with two 17″ wire-spoked wheels shod with knobbies.  We also see a small cowl and a half-height windscreen.  The handlebars look to be higher and flatter than those found on the Vitpilen/Svartpilen.


Hints from an investor presentation

All of these things seem in line with a 2019 Pierer Mobility (KTM/Husky’s parent company) investor document.  Slides from the presentation show a Husqvarna 401 “Travel” adventure bike.  Interestingly, the same presentation also shows a KTM branded adventure bike in the 490 category.  It’s not a stretch to imagine that the KTM 490 could morph into a Norden 501 a year later.

So for those who yearn for a smaller and lighter adventure bike with more power, the future is getting brighter.  The Norden 401 will likely use the KTM 390 Adventure’s single-cylinder engine.  But the KTM 490 adventure will have parallel twin power.  So could that engine make its way into a Norden 501 in the future?  The odds are probably good.


All image credit:  Pierer Mobility


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