It’s tiny, it’s lovable, and it may be the perfect first bike for a kid who’s ready to graduate from the Staycyc Stability Cycle.

On Tuesday at EICMA, Husqvarna surprised the media throngs (and we do mean throngs, even the media-exclusive first day was jam-packed) by revealing an entry-level bike that’s all-electric.

Husqvarna EE5 as it’s unveiled for the first time, at EICMA

The EE5 minicycle is built for playing off-road, with a frame and design that leans on Husqvarna’s dirt experience. It’s propelled by an inoffensive 6.7 horsepower (5 Kw) electric motor that draws its power from a 907 Wh Li-ion battery.

They say the batt is quick-charging but haven’t released any specifics yet. At first blush, the thing doesn’t seem to be easily swappable.

A closer look at the battery and WP suspension on the Husqvarna EE 5 at EICMA

The seat height is adjustable, the frame durable and the suspension is WP.

As do so many of these electric machines, the EE5 has multiple riding modes. In this case, there are six of them, although they haven’t detailed what each one of them does.

As for where the impulse for this new minibike came from, we probably don’t need to look any further than parent company KTM. They just introduced their own electric starter bike, the new SX-E 5 50cc-sized electric minicycle. Along with the Vitpilen and now Svartpilen, KTM are leading Husqvarna into new territory in a bid to extend their brand.

Typical for these EICMA announcements, some details are still lacking. No price, for example. And while the EE5 will reach some Husqvarna dealers this summer, it’s not clear that any of them will be in the United States, at least not in the early days of the minibike’s life.

Husqvarna EE5 at EICMA

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