Forget the chainsaws for a minute. If you know Husqvarna for their capable dirt bikes and cyber-styled pilen street machines, then you probably already know about their rally-inspired ADV bikes as well. Currently, buyers can choose from the Norden 501 and Supermoto 701 machines that have a serious emphasis on off-pavement capabilities while still being able to legally get you to the trailhead.

Back in 2019, before Covid ruined everyone’s plans, Husky teased the ADV world at EICMA with a very burly but more travel-friendly Norden 901 prototype. Now, the company has published two videos in an apparently longer series showing some clues about the 901 – or at least keeping hope alive that it will hit showrooms someday, perhaps sooner than later.

While the videos don’t show the whole bike, there is a good look at the front end, including two aux lights tucked into the fairing that apparently will be standard. Designers and Husqvarna principals work on clay models and chat about some of the deeper concepts that inspire the 901’s shape and performance.

Details like engine size, configuration, power output and such are never mentioned in the videos, but initial clues in 2019 suggest an 889cc P-twin, 21-inch front wheel, WP suspension and perhaps some increase in creature comforts for longer hauls into the wilderness.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting to see the 901 designers shape clay, draw up parts, work in CAD and chat bikes in heavy Swedish accents. Hopefully we get a better look at a close-to-production test mule in Part 3. Watch Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here.

Oh, and if you listen closely, you’ll get a quick lesson in how to properly say this brand name, so brush up on your own Swedish accent.

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