So you have a broken bolt on your bike, this can easily happen.

  • You over tightened a fastener because you couldn’t be bothered to grab that torque wrench
  • You were on the trail and a bolt snapped due to a crash or drop
  • The fastener broke due to age

All possibilities and there are plenty of more scenarios, but the annoying thing is you now have to extract it!

There are numerous ways and solutions, I’ll tell you a few and also add a video as to me a visual is sometimes easier to follow than written text.

The main key here is don’t be in a rush, at all, it could become costly, where if you step back, take your time it might be a lot easier than you think

First thing, add a little penetrating oil, let it sit for the required time, then a few taps with a punch might be enough to loosen it to make it easier to get out.

If the fastener snapped and some of the threads are above the surface, a pair of vice grips maybe all you need, make sure they grab that protruding piece as tight as possible. If you don’t do this they may actually make the situation worse and rip off a little more of that bolt leaving you less to grab on to.

If the fasteners snapped off inside the mount now things are a little more difficult, but again same procedure, penetrating oil, a few taps with a punch, maybe a little heat from an oxy torch if you are not going to damage anything in the process.

If you don’t have in your toolkit already a set of reversed drill bits and a collection of different sized easy outs will be a great help. From here I’ll let the video take up the options and different processes to help you get that stud out and save you a trip to a specialist…bascially saving you a bunch of money

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