So you want to do some motorcycle camping, but you can’t sleep on the ground—what do you do? For ADVrider inmate PapaYolk, you build yourself a towable camper trailer, and start producing them for others, too.

That’s the origin story of the Idaho Bedroll, a camper that’s built with light weight and rugged utility in mind. Actually, there’s a lot more to the story than that—check out this thread on the ADVrider forum, and you can catch up on years of brainwaves, tinkering, prototypes, failed business partnerships, and finally a production plan.

Although the Idaho Bedroll sounds like it could be an Aussie-style swag, it’s actually an interesting take on classic teardrop trailer design, scaled down for use behind a motorcycle. Although PapaYolk’s worked on a few different versions of the years, the current configuration has an aluminum skin over a steel frame, with independent torsion axles.

Like classic teardrop trailers, there’s a pantry-style compartment at the back, for cooking equipment and supplies. The forward section of the trailer serves as an off-the-ground bedding area. This was the whole reason for the design in the first place; PapaYolk needed a comfortable sleeping area, after rheumatoid arthritis made it difficult to sleep on the ground.

The Idaho Bedroll is 36 inches wide and 26 inches tall, and the body is only 55 inches long when it’s being towed (including tongue, 80 inches long). Once it’s at its destination, with support legs extended, you can fully extend the Idaho Bedroll’s body to 93 inches, leaving lots of room for a sleeper (as long as you aren’t built like Manute Bol). Cargo capacity is 250 pounds, and the trailer weighs 200 pounds, with a 30-pound tongue weight. Looking at photos, it seems PapaYolk’s able to tow it with a relatively low-powered Suzuki Savage, so it should be very easy for a full-bore tourer like a Gold Wing.

These trailers cost $3,200 USD for a basic build, with half the cash up front, for supplies. They’re made one at a time, as orders come in—check out the website’s contact form if you want more details, or look at their video and photos.

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