IMS has canceled its upcoming event in New York City. IMS Outdoors was supposed to run September 3-5 at the Brooklyn Army Terminal.

Now, that’s not happening; organizers say New York’s new COVID-19 passport are the reason the show is canceled. Here’s a quote from IMS’s cancellation notice:

The state of New York announced they will be implementing restrictions that impact events. These new mandates may potentially require all exhibitors, suppliers, press, and attendees at the IMS Outdoors New York event to either show their vaccination card or be rapid tested on-site prior to entry.

Based on a recent survey of our long-time New York IMS audience, we strongly believe these restrictions will have a negative impact on the overall attendance, and we will not deliver the quantity and quality attendance our customers, both exhibitor and attendee, are expecting. As such, we will not be moving forward with our planned event September 3-5, 2021 at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Plans for our 2022 IMS Outdoor tour will include a stop in the region.

The tl/dr is: Everyone at the building would be required to have a vax card, or be rapid-tested upon entry. IMS doesn’t think enough people would show up to make the show viable, with those rules in place. However, IMS plans to return to the New York City region next year.

IMS says it will fully refund any customer’s already-purchased tickets to the account used to purchase those tickets, with refunds taking 7-10 days. It also reminded showgoers and exhibitors that the IMS Outdoors event at Carlisle Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania is still a go. That’s a roughly three-hour ride from NYC, which isn’t a terrible way to spend an early fall weekend (the Pennsylvania event runs September 10-12). IMS lists potential accommodation points here.

So far, IMS Outdoors hasn’t listed a SoCal site yet, although the dates are listed on the IMS website as November 19-21. Not counting that event, there are five IMS Outdoors shows to come, including Pennsylvania.

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