The International Motorcycle Shows® (IMS) is increasing its digital presence.  The motorcycle show organizer is rolling out a new website called “”

IMS says it is taking a dual-pronged approach to provide in-depth analysis for industry professionals.  In addition, also allows “…enthusiasts to be entertained, educated, and inspired all year long.”

IMS Senior Vice Presiden Tracy Harris

In a press release, Tracy Harris, IMS Senior Vice President, explains:

“IMS has been at the center of the industry for 40 years now, successfully connecting all sectors of the motorcycling community while supporting and growing with the industry.  Our deep bench of industry knowledge and long-standing customer relationships are the driving forces behind the creation of our digital products.”

“Our expansion beyond in-person events into digital products enables us to bring new and old friends together while sharing knowledge and expertise between the broad community of motorcycle/powersports enthusiasts and industry-professionals year-round. Each digital product was produced and curated to have content relevant for everyone; I highly encourage enthusiasts of all experience levels to check out the entirety of and immerse themselves in the fun and engaging world of riding while even inspiring a new rider or two,” continues Harris.

Continue the ride

IMS expands its digital footprint.

Discover the Ride Program Manager Robert Pandya

Adding further to the Continue The Ride story, IMS’s Discover the Ride Program Manager and host of the B2B podcast “Centerstand” Robert Pandya said things are looking better for the moto industry:

“Not only is the industry seeing an unexpected sales increase— but there is a new energy with existing riders who see a great opportunity to get outside where the roads are less busy. We all want and need to further increase motorcycling interest and the ‘Centerstand Podcast’ will be a chance to hear from industry insiders about their perspectives and ideas to benefit all of motorcycling. I look forward to the great conversations and being part of new ideas with the IMS team.”

IMS Digital content

As for the website, it will have two separate content faces.  One will feature “Business Facing Content” while the other offers “Consumer-Facing Content.”

For business users, features the following:

  • Centerstand: A Motorcycle Industry Podcast
  • The “Continue The Ride Blog dedicated to industry professionals
  • A bi-monthly e-newsletter exploring the content from both Centerstand and the Continue The Ride Blog

Consumers stopping by will see digital content, including:

  • A consumer-facing podcast called The Reserve Tank
  • The do-it-yourself (DIY) video series; Inside The Garage
  • IMS Rides – A video series “exploring exciting routes, communities, and rider personalities.”
  • A Continue The Ride Blog for new and experienced riders.
  • A bi-monthly newsletter featuring the content found in the consumer side of
  • Sweepstakes and Contests

As for non-digital content, IMS’s website still shows live shows from November 20th, 2020, well into 2021.  Regardless, it’s nice to see IMS reaching out to both industry professionals and motorcycle enthusiasts.

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