Progressive International Motorcycle Shows, commonly known as IMS, is launching a new website filled with digital content aimed at both motorcyclists and the businesses that support them.

The new website is IMS says the site will provide in-depth analysis to industry insiders, and also give riders a place “to be entertained, educated and inspired year-long.” Smart—the IMS show circuit only runs for a few weeks in the off-season, and this website will allow year-round engagement with the moto-scene.

Continue The Ride will host two new podcasts, The Reserve Tank and Centerstand. The Reserve Tank is aimed at riders/consumers, with a 10-episode season of shows 25 to 30 minutes long, updated monthly. As per the IMS release, The Reserve Tank “will be hosted by avid rider and IMS content creator, Sam Bendall, where we will introduce well-known and experienced personalities in the motorcycle industry to offer listeners a ‘Reserve Tank’ of knowledge and resources spanning hot topics in motorcycling today. Topics include how to get into ADV riding, tips to build a riding community, where to find training, find the right gear, and more.

Well-known industry insider Robert Pandya hosts Centerstand. This podcast (10-episode season, bi-monthly updates) is aimed at people working in the businesses around the motorcycle industry. As per the IMS release, “Listeners will have a unique opportunity to hear from key players in all sectors of the industry. With a focus on the future, the podcast will seek to spark ideas that will leave listeners with 1 -2 pieces of actionable advice.

The new IMS website will also host a couple of new video series. There’s Inside the Garage, a DIY-focused series with mechanics, builders and DIY experts across the US sharing their tips and advice. After each episode debuts, there’s going to be a live Q&A, so viewers can get more information about the episode’s featured mechanical task. IMS is also hosting IMS Rides; in this series, “a diverse group of riders will showcase their personalities as they ride on their favorite route in their communities—highlighting the roads and venues they stop along the way and speak to why their route is their favorite. Supplemental episodes will dive deeper into practical tips and tricks to help riders explore similar routes on their own.

Finally, the website also hosts The Ride Blog (“the go-to place for motorcyclists to find quick, bite-sized content about all-things motorcycling”), and a bi-monthly newsletter with content from the podcasts and videos, and contests/prizes. The main website will also feature its own contests and sweepstakes.

Why would IMS want to branch out into more content creation? It’s probably because we may see interruptions to the usual motorcycle show plans, thanks to COVID-19. Does the coronavirus pandemic mean the end of motorcycle shows, forever, as some are suggesting? Almost certainly not, but it may complicate upcoming 2020-2021 plans. In Europe, where COVID-19 is being beaten back, organizers cancelled this fall’s EICMA and Intermot shows. In North America, if the usual shows go ahead, we will likely see less foot traffic, and the industry may be less interested in attending. OEMs and distributors aren’t keen about placing their staff in a situation where they could potentially contract the coronavirus due to day-long contact with the public.

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