The July 4 weekend is just around the corner, and that means online retailers are gearing up for holiday sales.

Revzilla Deals

Dirt Riding Gear

Moisture-wicking comfort:

Klim Dakar Jersey

A good price here on Klim offroad riding jerseys, with silicone-printed drop tail that keeps it tucked in, if that’s how you roll.

Affordable MIPS protection:

Troy Lee SE4 KTM Mirage Helmet

It’s still not super-cheap, but this is a healthy discount on a dirt bike helmet with MIPS protection, keeping your brain safe from rotational forces in a crash.

Budget dirt riding gloves:

Shift Whit3 Label Air

Basic, no-frills dirt riding gloves. Pick them up for a spare pair, at this low price.

Revzilla’s got a bunch of moto stuff on sale, including sportbike and cruiser stuff, but if you want to see its selection narrowed down to dirt gear, click here to see what’s marked down. There’s decent markdowns on some Leatt gear, including decent-looking gloves and pants. The best buy might be the Troy Lee Design SE4 KTM helmet (see above). If you’re looking for better brain protection, it’s definitely worth checking out MIPS technology. The Troy Lee Designs helmet might still be almost $300, but it’s considerably cheaper than its original list price. Finally, if you’re looking for a super-cheap pair of offroad riding gloves, the Shift Whit3 Label Air gloves are marked all the way down to $9.99. Check out the rest of Revzilla’s dirt riding sale here.

EVS Gear Markdowns

Offroad comfort:

EVS Ballistic Pro Jersey

This armored riding jersey has plenty of room to move around, and even includes a CE 1621-1 Level 1-rated back protector.

Improved airflow:

EVS G7 Ballistic Jersey

Not only do you get shoulder and elbow guards, you also get fully articulating spine protection.

Neck protection at a reasonable price:

EVS R3 Race Collar

If you haven’t tried a neck protector before, here’s your chance.

Revzilla’s also got some EVS riding gear on sale. EVS equipment isn’t too expensive to start with, but Revzilla knocked another 20 percent off. Considering the weather is heating up, there’s a pair of ballistic jerseys on sale that might be good for those mid-summer rides. Both the EVS Ballistic Pro and G7 jerseys have lightweight, breathable mesh bodies, but hard armour in the shoulders and elbows to protect you on an unplanned tumble. The Ballistic Pro jersey also has a back protector. The EVS R3 Race Collar is also marked down; considering how many dual sport riders still don’t have neckbraces, this is a very affordable way to pick one up and try it. There’s lots of other EVS gear (knee braces, helmets, jackets and more) with decent markdowns, and the whole section is well worth checking out.

Marked-Down Jackets

Cool-wearing safety:

Olympia Alpha Jacket

The Alpha is made of ballistic mesh for hot-weather comfort, with high-impact areas made of 500D Cordura.

For offroad use:

Leatt GPX 5.5 Enduro Jacket

This is aimed at dirt riding, not street riding. Maybe better in cooler weather?

Waxed cotton, with leather inserts:

EVS Compton Jacket

More of a cold-weather jacket, for standard or classic motorcycles. Maybe perfect for a scrambler?

‘Course, it’s still a good time to buy a riding jacket. Even if you’re off-roading in a ballistic jersey, a jacket is still good for the street, and rainy days, and hey—colder weather is coming sooner or later. Revzilla’s got its Olympia Alpha marked $100 off (always good to get a value-priced brand at even further discount), and a couple of other good deals, too. Now’s the time to save, save, save, if you’ve got any money left after splurging on 4th of July fireworks. Deals

Acerbis Savings

Protect your brake:

Acerbis Vented X-Brake Disc Cover

This upgrade gives your brake disc protection, but the vented design fights overheating.

Protect your swingarm:

Acerbis Chain Guide

Chain guards are designed to wear out over time. Here’s a discount, if your bike needs a replacement.

Protect your engine:

Acerbis Skid Plate

Quieter than a metal skid plate, Acerbis plastic skid plates are available for many dual-sports. has its own set of savings for the July 4 weekend, including a selection Acerbis parts. A lot of the Acerbis bits are for offroad-only motorcycles, but some of them will also fit dual-sport bikes. If you’re looking to save a few bucks on a skid plate, or a chain guide, or a brake disc cover, now’s your chance.

Scorpion Helmet, Half Price

Air-adjustable comfort:

Scorpion EXO VX-R70 Solid Helmet has this helmet in several different paint schemes, all 50 percent off.

Need a helmet? has the Scorpion VX-R70 offroad helmet on sale, in several different designs and colors. The shell is a composite blend of fiberglass, Aramid and organic poly-resin fibers, to keep weight down, and the helmet has a dual-density EPS liner to effectively cushion your head in a crash. The VX-R70 also has Scorpion’s AirFit system, with inflatable cheek pads for a better, more personalized fit. There’s a large eyeport, to better fit riding goggles, and several ventilation ports, so you don’t overheat while offroading. The VX-R70 meets ECE 22.05 and DOT certifications.

DIY Deals

Set your valve clearances:

BikeMaster Feeler Gauges

What, you haven’t checked your valve clearances … ever? These feeler gauges will help, with their bent tips.

Make fork seal jobs a breeze:

BikeMaster Fork Seal Installer

Got a blown fork seal? These universal installers make the replacement job much easier.

Lever on that rubber:

BikeMaster Tire Irons

If it’s time for a mid-season tire change, don’t go to a shop. Buy some tire irons, learn to do it yourself.

If you’re looking at doing some mid-season maintenance, has its BikeMaster tools marked down. It’s not huge savings, but it still keeps a few extra bucks in your pocket, and that’s something that makes anyone happy.

Alpinestars Savings

All-weather protection:

Alpinestars Durban Pants

The Durban pants have long been Alpinestar’s top-shelf offering for ADV riders. Snap ’em up at big savings.

Tough offroad protection:

Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots

Last year’s style saves you money this year.

Sometimes, you just want a cool shirt:

Alpinestars Dee T-Shirt

Vintage looks that won’t cost you an arm or leg, for your scrambler or UJM rides.

Finally, has some big savings on Alpinestars gear. Durban Gore-Tex adventure riding pants are 39 percent off, a pretty decent discount on these well-known riding pants. Some other pants are marked down with less savings; Tech7 and other Alpinestars boots are also marked down. Or, if you just want a cool T-shirt to wear to barbecues this summer, you can get that too.

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