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Jun 30, 2001
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Oct 11, 1953 (Age: 64)
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Silicon Valley, CA
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Founder of ADV, Dude, 64, from Silicon Valley, CA


Working on Jun 2, 2018

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Viewing thread 11TH ANNUAL CADVR 10 (Cliff Notes Version) Aug 16-19 2018 Boulder Junction, WI, Aug 20, 2018 at 3:28 PM
    1. Baldy
      Working on
    2. Baldy
      Wondering if trolls will diminish us
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    3. Baldy
      Cleaning up some annoyances on the site
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    4. Baldy
      Checking the pulse of CS&M after the election
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      Ok, here's the deal-- I posted an ad in flea market-Parts- & my ad was for" want to trade"---My ad was pulled by a mod because I didn't post a price--DUH ! WANT TO TRADE--
      When I questioned the reason why do I have to post a price when every ad I've read in parts under "WANT TO BUY" has no price listing but my ad was stricken because I didn't post a Price--WTF

      Your the BOSS, Please explain
      1. BELSTAFF
        Disregard, 10-22, no further action needed.
        Oh! great looking lab by the way
        Nov 15, 2015
    6. lookfar
    7. Fortunate Son
      Fortunate Son
      I just added an avatar to my profile and now I notice that my avatar is partially overlaying Valve Crusher ' on the NX250 thread in Thumpers.
      Tell me I didn't do something stupid.
    8. CaptJezebel
      Baldy, I made a typo when I chose my name; instead of "dopper", can you change it to "doppler"? If not, can you delete my account so I can start over? Thank you, Greg Derda,
      1. ferals5
        If you post in the username change thread in 'ask baldy blame ace...' I'm sure someone will help you :)
        Sep 13, 2015
      2. CaptJezebel
        I submitted a post there, thank you ferals5!!
        Sep 13, 2015
    9. mmesa005

      Posted a bike for trade yesterday, got flagged for missing price (sorry about that) but I did not receive an e-mail alert of the issue?

      Reposted with price this time.
    10. ST-ADV
      Tried "Contact Us" link, "
      I am an ADVrider moving back to VA after a tour abroad. Trying to get my plate to match my alias. Former vanity lic. plate is no longer available in VDOT, but"ST-ADV" is. I want to change my ADV alias. Possible?
      Ride what whatever moves you ...oSò
    11. Pete Pilot
    12. Two Speed
      Two Speed
      Still can't do much. When I hit the 'reply' in an existing message, this is what I see on what I assume should be a vbulletin style message entry box What does Xenforo need on the user side of things? running win7,firefox,noflash, on dialup.
    13. Kaw4Life
      Network admin, web designer, dba ... you name it I've done it. I had a thought that might help out. Accounts. Zero posts and no logon within 3 months, DELETE.
    14. KnuckleDown
      Baldy, having issue viewing threads. Everytime I try, I get a list of threads that the site is asking if I want to ignore? How do I remedy this?
      1. EmptiMind
        Seems to be a lot of folks having the issue. Not just you. Hold tight, they'll probably get it up and running soon.
        Jul 28, 2015
    15. Two Speed
      Two Speed
      So I'll give this a go here to see if something works for me. I keep getting "Error" when attempting to do anything (reply to an existing thread, I can't seem to start a new thread). The contact us link comes back with "isn't redirecting properly". Pages also never seem to fully load up (I'm on dialup, seems things are timing out). Alex. Stuck between the adv lines. Thanks.
    16. greatbeard
      Thanks Baldy. Fairly new to the site, and new back to bikes. Great site that helps and entertains.
    17. wilson
      Thanks for all the time and effort you put into ADVRIDER. You are quite a person to do all this. It's my go to website for info and fun. Thanks ! Wilson
    18. augiedog
      I am havin trouble postin to the new webpage. When I tap to write up a post the keyboard coveres the post and I cannot see what I am tryin to type.
    19. Slingin
      Hey there Baldy. I was hoping I could drop a suggestion here. It would help me (and likely others) if we could skip to a designated page in a thread. For example, the massive DR350 thread; I'd like to skip to page 1510, but instead I have to go page by page (or every two pages it seems). Is this possible with the new layout?
    20. auto
      I was refereed to you.I'm having some problems with not being able to post in some forums.Also what happen to the search tool.Thanks,Joe
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    Oct 11, 1953 (Age: 64)
    Home Page:
    Silicon Valley, CA
    Cofounder of
    Motorcycles owned past:
    BMW K1200RS, BMW R1100RS, Honda Valkyrie, Kawasaki KLR650, '72 Suzuki 350, Suzuki X6
    Dream bike:
    Best ride ever taken:
    To Acapulco, Mexico
    Dream Ride:
    Across China
    Ural Patrol

    Founder of Adventure Rider, cofounder of SmugMug and