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    Dream Ride:
    110th Anniversary Fatboy Lo limited edition
    Australian Outback rider on a Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo.

    My Name is "Krazy Harley".

    I am promoting the awareness of Concussion, Memory Lost to increase Medical Research World Wide.

    Society in Australia has yet to fully understand the potential cumulative effects of Concussions.

    I am a victim from such Results of Motorcycle and Car accidents.

    My 2013 Anniversary Fat Boy Lo has help me to create new memories and re-learning how to assimilate back into society and family life in general. Riding my Harley Davidson in the Outback made it much more easier to formulate my own personality / persona, ability to understand and realize human actions to predicting their behavior to others, learning to evaluate both emotional reactions and personal goals that will suite my circumstance and capacities, ability to make connections between events that I experience and a persons actions whilst feeling secure in my own position of authority rather feeling threatened, learning to move about and explore my environment and protecting myself against simplest things such as extremes of temperatures, avoiding serious injuries and self-reliance. Doing all this in the Australian Outback and small towns takes out the some of the Social Pressure and influences and demands, claims, enticements, and suggestions that are made by fast flowing city pace with less tolerance of time constraints.
    I has nearly taken me seven years to achieve to this level but yet there are so many more things to learn and comprehend.
    I know that I am one of those that Society has forgotten but that's not going to stop me from giving up on myself regardless.
    I have spoken to many others in our Society with similar life's experiences as I have and I have shown and trying to motivate those that I have come across to do the same. "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" as long as it suites your circumstances and capacities.

    Thank you very much for listening to my stories.

    Kind regards

    Check out the KRAZY HARLEY videos on YOUTUBE. Just search for KRAZY HARLEY