1st time Trip Preparation gear list -- recommendations needed?

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by Stroked 550, Feb 5, 2017.

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    What you brings depends somewhat on what you ride and a lot on how (on/off road) and where (far away from civilization) you are going to ride.
    If it is the DRZ and it is well maintained prior to departure, I wouldn't bring most on the motorcycle parts you have listed - either because you probably won't need it, or because it's easy to get most places.

    Decide on how most stuff you what to ride with (volume and weight), and cut down the list until it fits the bill.
    When I do long distance/several weeks travel on two wheels, bring camping gear and want to live in comfort, I bring approx 40 lbs. of gear that takes up 80-90 liters of space.

    Don't bring stuff that you might need, only stuff you know you are going to need - you are travelling in the US not some out-of-the-way 3rd world country - if you discover that you need something you didn't bring, buy it along the way.
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    Anyone suggest to the OP to take a week end or two and just ride out, see what he needs as far as comfort goes. What he needs\likes for shelter, drinking, cooking and eating. What the bike needs, especially the interface between his arse and the seat. Pegs, bars and levers may all need some adjusting and fettling - much easier at home after a comparatively short ride than doing 1000's miles and swearing to never get on the thing again.
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    Take a 1/4 of what you think you will need --go through and weed out the stuff. Just remember to throw out the panic first. It is supposed to be fun and a learning experience, right?
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    Nothing jumped out on this list that said CAMPING except the saw remarks. No tent, sleeping bags and so on. The CPAP inferred 110v wall power without reference to a Battery or extension cords. So, my question is how do you stay in motels for $500 per month and eat as well as pay for gas. $500 would last me about three days. Anyways, I don't get it.

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    The OP has a whole section devoted to camping, and another to cooking - including a wood stove.

    I agree, you may be able to negotiate a better rate if you stay for a longer period which kind of defeats the concept of a road trip. On a night by night basis, $500 would be probably half of the minimum required, just for a cheap room.
    Eating, drinking and moving cost extra, quite a bit extra, unless you walk and live on berries and tree sap. In which case a different set of equipment entirely is required.
  7. Little Bike

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    Skip the wood stove, you may find fire restrictions in various state, national parks and forests. If you want something tiny and reliable check out an Esbit stove (which are probably not allowed when there are fire restrictions either, but I've never had a problem).

    Think about a one person tent.

    Bring clothes that can be washed in a sink. Leave the jeans at home.

    Pick tennis shoes or sandals.

    Leave the shovel at home, if you need to dig a cat hole, just find a stick.

    I would also leave the ax, many places won't let you gather firewood and you can easily buy it at grocery stores or from camp ground hosts.
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    Solar charger? You're riding a power generating machine... install a USB or accessory port.
    As for the hatchet... actually kinda nice to be able to build a fire if in colder weather.
    From your general route, it sounds like you will be passing through towns everyday... so carry stuff to get you out of a bind, but you don't need to carry enough stuff to be off-the-grid for days.
    Wood Stove? Might be limited by wood availability and local rules and regs. An MSR PocketRocket is tiny and will boil water in a flash. Fuel canisters are readily available.
  9. White mt guy

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    Good god man, thats a lot of stuff.
    List redo for driving up the coast.
    First aid kit
    Cell phone with plug in charger/ 12 volt if your bike has it or wall charger (any MacDonalds has WiFi and plugs.
    Clutch lever only
    Tool kit with tire spoons and small pump
    One front tire tube and patch kit
    6 power bars
    One bottle of water.
    And what ever you use for csmping if you camp.sleepong bag, tent/bivy, etc.
    Leave everthong else at hpme and let some one you trust know what it all is and have them ship it to you overnight if its a critical part or just buy borrow or wash whay ypu need on the road.
  10. Gershwizzle

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    I'm currently on a trip around the States right now with my brother and this is what I've got.

    -Medium size duffel bag with clothes and toiletries.
    -Backpack with rain gear, tablet, water bottle, compass, knife, chargers, bic lighters.
    -One ammo can filled with tools (3/8 sockets and 1/2" for sizes bigger than 15mm, allen sockets, spanners, screw drivers, drill bits, multimeter, several different pliers/dikes, electrical connectors, electrical tape, crescent wrench, baling wire)
    -Second ammo can has cookware (a little gas burner plus a can of propane, pan, spatula, forks,hunting knife, flask, fifth of liquor generally) and a 1/4" cordless impact w/ charger.
    - sleeping bag with a foam pad wrapped around it
    -1man tent
    Anything extra I buy, like food, sunglasses, cigarettes, etc goes in the ammo can without the tools. The duffel, backpack, sleeping bag and tent all get neatly strapped down with bungee cords.

    The only difference bietween my brother and I is since I have the tools and cookware, he holds onto a quart of oil, some extra vacuum lines, rtv, and most of the food.
    The only thing I thought I might regret bringing was the impact, but we're on the road for a few months for this trip and the time it's saved us has already been invaluable only a month into the trip.
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