5 Kilometer Fesh fesh and don't look in the tea pot, the second Marocco Adventure

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    Cologne, Germany
    [​IMG]00 KTM Marokko 2015 by Michael, auf Flickr

    15. Cala Iris - Martil

    [​IMG]014 KTM Marokko 2015 Cala Iris-Martil by Michael, auf Flickr

    The morning fog wakes me with friendly drops in the face, thanks for that.

    [​IMG]014 KTM Marokko 2015 Cala Iris-Martil-001 by Michael, auf Flickr

    Pack quickly and quickly away. Today it is only 190 km to the coastal town of Martil. But first stop in the colorful hotel / butcher / restaurant.

    [​IMG]014 KTM Marokko 2015 Cala Iris-Martil-002 by Michael, auf Flickr

    food intake and short map study.

    [​IMG]014 KTM Marokko 2015 Cala Iris-Martil-003 by Michael, auf Flickr

    Impossible to drive the wrong way, always along the coast, which is still veiled.

    [​IMG]014 KTM Marokko 2015 Cala Iris-Martil-004 by Michael, auf Flickr

    Shortly before the campsite the KTM sounds suddenly like the exhaust had fallen off, the FI light flashes SOS. What the f ... Stop, stop the engine, wait, turn it on, run again, maybe the electronics just swallowed some bad ampere.

    [​IMG]014 KTM Marokko 2015 Cala Iris-Martil-005 by Michael, auf Flickr

    At the campsite, the licence plate was made European friendly. I test all electrical connections at the KTM, nothing conspicuous. The rest also looks ok.

    A beach walk over the abbey road.

    [​IMG]014 KTM Marokko 2015 Cala Iris-Martil-006 by Michael, auf Flickr

    Martil is a modern coastal village with a western flair, a strong contrast to the interior of the country. Here, Ms. and Mr. Moroccans walk relatively relaxt, could be almost on the opposite side of the Mediterranean.

    [​IMG]014 KTM Marokko 2015 Cala Iris-Martil-007 by Michael, auf Flickr

    [​IMG]014 KTM Marokko 2015 Cala Iris-Martil-010 by Michael, auf Flickr

    Only the cost of scaffolding was saved.

    [​IMG]014 KTM Marokko 2015 Cala Iris-Martil-008 by Michael, auf Flickr

    Again, we are the only guests in the camping restaurant, clearly off-season. WiFi is only available next to the office, just checking the the Europe weather forecast and then the last tent night in Africa.
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    S W France my little bit of paradise
    Excellent ,been 4 times and keep wanting to go back
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    Victoria Secret green pj's of Ponies & Puppies
    :lurk gorgeous photos
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    Cologne, Germany
    [​IMG]00 KTM Marokko 2015 by Michael, auf Flickr

    16. Martil- Tanger med - Sete - Köln

    [​IMG]015 KTM Marokko 2015 Martil-Tanger Med by Michael, auf Flickr

    The last stage. And it was clear, after 10 km the KTM suddenly sounds as if the exhaust had fallen off, the FI light flashes SOS. This time turning off / switch on is not the solution, the remaining 50 km to the port I fight with the vehicle through the still picturesque landscape.

    [​IMG]015 KTM Marokko 2015 Martil-Tanger Med-001 by Michael, auf Flickr

    [​IMG]015 KTM Marokko 2015 Martil-Tanger Med-002 by Michael, auf Flickr

    In Tangier med it runs again quite ok, the check in is not a problem and the X-ray examination is not used on two-wheelers.

    [​IMG]015 KTM Marokko 2015 Martil-Tanger Med-003 by Michael, auf Flickr

    Tied down for the next two days.

    [​IMG]015 KTM Marokko 2015 Martil-Tanger Med-004 by Michael, auf Flickr

    [​IMG]016 KTM Marokko 2015 Tanger Med-Sete-001 by Michael, auf Flickr

    No special incidents during the crossing. And so the three travelers reach European soil again in Sete. Time to say goodbye, I help Stefan with a flat tire and unfortunately there was no miracle cure, again the KTM pukes after ten minutes.

    Looks like I'm driving home by train, but this time it's rather involuntary. In Sete , I head to the train station. The ADAC is contacted, I briefly describe my problem. Apparently too short for the French Madam. What I want now, it is Sunday and by the way, French motorcycle dealers closed on Monday.

    With an increase voice of one dB: It would be nice sending a towing vehicle, accommodation and a workshop on Tuesday. Merci.

    In spite of Sunday, the towing car comes surprisingly fast, does not hesitate, take the KTM, driving me to the hotel and we arrange a trip at Tuesday, the next dealer is in Montpellier.

    But there are uglier places to be. After checking in at the city hotel, visiting the open market hall. In Morocco, we didn't starved, but the food in the South of France is much more seductive. With full belly and empty wallet I left the place of temptation, still took a walk through the little town and then back to the hotel http://www.hotelazursete.com/tarifs.html Quite ok, small rooms , good breakfast, fast wlan.

    And what else do you do with 1 1/2 days of involuntary, normal holiday?

    Art http://crac.languedocroussillon.fr and Foto http://www.la-mid.fr

    or even take some photos by myself.

    [​IMG]016 KTM Marokko 2015 Tanger Med-Sete-006 by Michael, auf Flickr

    [​IMG]016 KTM Marokko 2015 Tanger Med-Sete-007 by Michael, auf Flickr

    [​IMG]016 KTM Marokko 2015 Tanger Med-Sete-010 by Michael, auf Flickr

    [​IMG]016 KTM Marokko 2015 Tanger Med-Sete-013 by Michael, auf Flickr

    [​IMG]016 KTM Marokko 2015 Tanger Med-Sete-017 by Michael, auf Flickr

    Tuesday morning on the way to Montpellier. At http://www.ktm34.com [/ url] I am unloaded the KTM. Despite my limited French vocabulary, the boss receives me very kindly and surrenders me to the care of his son, who speaks some English, which makes things much easier. The first assumption is the gasoline pump. Discarded after listening. As the sun approaches the peak, we will have lunch. Lais * sez faire, in Cologne neither unknown nor unpopular.

    After the lunch break the diagnosis box is plugged, even without result. My phone is ringing, it is the ADAC. They were sorry, but the next dealer would not be able to help in the next 3 weeks. Mmhh, exactly the dealer in whose workshop I was just standing. So now no wrong words. Happy ending, I was allowed to drive home by train, the KTM was stored at the dealer and comes home on the yellow breakdown car. The head of KTM34 drives me to the airport of Montpellier, merci. But no airplane, taking the bus to the train station. Ticket machines are no mystery for me, but these do not seem to be made for international connections. But there is a kind customer center, even with extra employees for non-french.

    Together we are looking for the next connection to Cologne, not so easy.

    Let's go: From Montpellier I get the train to Toulouse. There, the sleeping train to Paris is waiting, not so easy to carry myself with heavy luggage and in motorcycle clothes into the top bed. Arrival in Paris Gare d'Austerlitz. Unfortunately the Thalys departs in Gare du Nord. So where is the metro, where to pay and how the hell you get with luggage through these triangle barriers. To my shame I must confess that I was, despite the proximity to Cologne, never in Paris. Just in time I reach the Thalys. Only 3 hours to Cologne. Final sprint.

    The KTM enter Cologne two weeks later. My mechanic calls me, what is the problem? After a short trip round the house, he knew it. This problem was totally new to him. Great! After long troubleshooting, it was the wiring harness, which had probably gotten too much amps due a faulty voltage regulator and thus temporarily switched off a control unit. Since I still had a voucher, I buy a new cable harness and the installation was outsourced. Long, but happy ending.

    Thanks for the watching.
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    9 miles from the start of the Gap
    :clap Great stuff! Thanks
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    dreamy spires of oxford UK
    life is never dull for a 690 owner........great report
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    Stinking cheeses country or FRANCE
    Thank for this nice report, taking place close to our comfortable Europe.
    Added to the "To do list"
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    UK for now.
    Beautiful pics.
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    Right on!! What happened at Minute 6:43 ?
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    Wow, I see some incredibly nice pictures here!
    Can't wait to share photos of my next motorcycle tours with you :)
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    Great RR. Great photographs of a very beautiful country. Thanks for posting.