Are you ready to make end meets for travelling yearound

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by anyway, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Oct 13, 2014
    I took an early retirement the first day of eligibility which gives me around 50% what I was earning. I would be fine, but I must pay a pension for my youngest son. My ex wife was really affraid that I would be tempted to skip that. I gave her 12 checks for the year, sold or gave away every dam thing I had and I left.

    I'm back where I was when I quit school at 15. I remember i worked for oil rig companies in Alberta 12 to 16 hours a day 7 days a week. I did 2 runs a year between 6 to 8 weeks a year. I manage to traveled all around the world 7 years in row from 18 up to 25.

    This past summer I picked fruits in BC. I did 3 stretches of 3 weeks to pay for my son and for an around the world health insurance. This can be repeted around the world

    I also did some work away in Canada, Colombia, Ecuador which is a good way to save money, to discover new culture among other things.

    I saw some kid from around the world making 200$ and up a day their entire summer. Then went to Australia or new Zeland doing the same thing.
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    How did you aproach farm owners when looking for work? "Hey, Could I make a few bucks by helping out and camping to the side of the property?"

    I'm prepping for a Argentina - alaska trip, and would love to be able to make a little gas money this way.
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    I've also done a lot of shit but what is the point of this post??? what you've done and how cool/hardcore/stupid you are? would be great if give some hints or tips/advice of how you have managed that and then maybe i or others will also then we can learn from each other. If this is a question then yes i am...

    For durkbeef check out Jamie Z's thread on travelling on the cheap, even if you are not cheap is some great info/thoughts there
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    You have already made your choice. It is probably too late to change now. Spend a year and then find full time employment if the road gets old. I am now much older than you and can remember when I made $110.00 a week and bought a house and a car. Inflation will make your income decrease in the coming years. Maybe a lot more than you planned. I had an major investment go bad and took a sizable cut in retirement. There is still money for travel, but not as much as there once was. Being single, travel can be a lot cheaper than if married.
    Also plan on age making a lot of things more difficult. Medicare cuts in at 65 and will provide a portion of your health care expenses if you are so unlucky as to get sick or injured.
    Enjoy it while you can and you may be fine in the future, but who knows. Work until you're 70 stacking money in your retirement fund and you may die of a heart attack the next day.