Baja - What does it take?

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by rokklym, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. rokklym

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    Nov 20, 2004
    Westby Wisconsin
    I've got the dream to do a Baja trip in the future and I'm working on gathering information for it. I don't have any idea of when this trip will take place but it will. I've looked through alot of trip reports and have so far compiled about 10 pages of text that I thought would be useful.

    So here is what the trip I'd like to do consists of. Maybe 10-12 days south of the border. Its a big haul from Wisconsin so I'd have to make it worth my time. I'm not the greatest rider but getting better so I'd probably be taking it pretty easy and just enjoying my time there.
    So, my questions are:
    1. Tires, is there anything that will last that long in Baja? I normally run Pirelli MT-21's or Dunlop D606's and normally get 2500+ out of the rear and thats 75% road use.
    2. I have a 4.7 gallon tank on my XR and can usually get 175 miles out of a tank, is that plenty or would I need to pack an aux tank?
    3. How much $$$ do you aveage spending per day down there? I'd probably look at getting a 3-4 person group and probably hoteling it or a mix of camp/hotel. The hotel $ could be split amongst the group.
    4. I'm going to order the Baja almanac and map, plus the rough guide map? for Baja. Any other maps or resources for info that I should look into?
    5. Any do not miss places? I'm sure I'll try to hit all the classics like Mikes and Coco's but what else?

    Any info will be greatly appreciated. Anything you can think of, doesn't have to relate to my questions either.

  2. gaspipe

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    Jul 12, 2004
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    If you ride easy and are not always on the gas and steering with the rear wheel, a 606 will reasoanly last you about 1500-2000 miles. A Michelin Desert ($) will last longer.

    That completely depnds on where you are planning to go. I would opt for an aux 1-2 gallon tank as a just in case thing. Gas is generally easy to get, but sometimes it gets scarce.

    I generally blow through about $250-300 per week, but try not to motel it too much (maybe every third day to wash the stank off). Most of my cash is consumed in beer and gasoline, which costs the same as the US for the most part. if you have a GPS. The Baja Almanac is your bible. Don't go w/o it.

    I'm not a big fan of southern Baja. Too touristy for me.

    My Favorites:
    Gonzaga Bay
    Mission San Borja
    Bahia de los Angeles
    San Francisquito
    Mission Santa Gertrudis
    Loreto (gettin' all built up fast so go soon to see the old Loreto)
    San Juanico
    Raymundo Wash Road
    The Salt Flats (low road on the PacSide)
    San Ignacio
    Bahia Asencion
    Bahia de Tortugas
    The whole Pac Coast from Santa Rosalallita to El Rosario

    Don't much like the Pac Coast from there to San Diego (too many folks). YMMV.

    Have fun!
  3. vagabondingshane

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    Jul 20, 2004
    Totally agree with Gaspipe... If you are planning on going this winter i(Dec-Feb) it does get COLD at night so be prepared. I wouldn't go in the HOT summer (July-Aug) unless you are used to that type of humidity and heat, it can get brutal. Plenty of gas and water all over but I would carry a small container just in case. Bay of LA and Gonzaga are a must see/camp. If you come up and out the Sea of Cortez side the Campos just to the North of San Felipe can be a nice camp/party before about a 2 1/2-3hr ride across the border in Mexicali.
  4. rokklym

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    Nov 20, 2004
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    Yeah..thanks for the info..thats what I'm looking for! What I'd like to do is bring a sleeping bag and a bivi sack and just camp out a large portion of the time. I guess it wouldn't be camping by normal standards, basicly just sleeping for free somewhere.
    I'd probably be like gaspipe and spend most my money on Gas and beer, but mainly on beer :D

    Thanks for the info! I'll be making a list of those places and hopefully checking them out.
  5. freeflow

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    Dec 13, 2004
    Chad...we need to talk on this......I am ready to go.....

    I leave next week for Phoenix for a western ride on a KLR i picked up out there.....we were gonna go copper canyon way, but one of our guys can't leave the country at the moment..;)...IRS BS

    anyway....I'd like to ride down the east coast or sea of crotez, then ferry across into Baja and ride back to other riding buddy has a condo in Cabo and I may have him take spare tires down when his family goes in March....

    Shelly would take the other KLR that is here, that I would need to get out to PHX as a staging areas for the run.....

    you smell what I am stepping in here?...GAspipe is da man....and topes has some great info too....

    our run thru mexico was fun and hotels were cheap $15 per person (2)...

    mexican bike insurance was $50 for 10 days....and the import permit was around $30
  6. G.Kennedy

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    Oct 10, 2002
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    I was in Baja last year with Gaspipe. Copy his list and print it out. Everything you need to know is right there. Period.

    Obiviously you will use road tires or trailer to Mexicali. Fit the front 606 and rear Desert there.

    Carry at least 1 gallon of gas. Keep the can empty if you are 100% on the next stop. That said, someone else along the way may need help and it is a great feeling to help them out.

    Heavy duty tubes and True Goo (or slime or ......)

    I feel the MOST important thing ...... learn some Spanish. It is not hard to learn the basic phrases. Learning to say, "May I please have a beer" ..... instead of most American who just say "beer" or Taco"

    Learn some phrases.

    I am out the door to MX in an hour or so. See ya in Creel GP.
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    Nov 8, 2006
    Ensenada, Baja California
    bump, back to the front, it is an old post but it is new to me so maybe it could be new to somebody else

    saludos and keep the information coming
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    +1 for SanFranquisto one of my favorite stops in all of Baja, I just hope the new owners where as cool as the old ones:freaky

    Another place I got to spend a lot of time was Bay of Conception by this old truck, spent 48 hours watching the world go by as my back was stove up:

    Only saw two trucks drive by in the those two days heading out to a remote fish camp on the pennisula.

    Loads of great areas, nice for the sub 650 bikes with dials suspensions:deal
    or hp2 or SE kitted well:evil
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    Nov 20, 2004
    Westby Wisconsin
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    See my sig line for another RR..... I loved every minute of my 20 days in Baja.