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Discussion in 'Face Plant' started by Gregg Wannabe, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Trixie

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    Jul 19, 2001
    Central MA
    Just found this thread. Does anyone have the forma terras? Any opinions to their level of protection off road?
  2. Uke

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    Oct 9, 2013
    HouTex USA
    I don't ride off road unless Forest Service roads are off road. I have both the Forma Terras and the Gaerne Oil Balance. Neither is a motocross boot, technically they are trials boots.

    But any boot is better than no boot at all. I got the Formas because they are supposed to be waterproof and the Gaernes are at best water resistant. I did apply some silicone water repellant to the Formas this last week.

    I may be kidding myself, but I feel in the spirit of this thread the best thing I do for my ankles and feet is ride a Boxer Beemer, those cylinders and heads can make a pretty good barrier when the feet are behind them.
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