Custom GPS Cradles for select Garmins and SPOTs

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    As an option, the user can install a “keeper cord” joining the two side clips to each other by drilling a small hole in each one near the end. A light diameter nylon cord works to form a connection between the clips that when kept behind the antenna, will prevent the clips from falling down due to vibration or loss of friction from normal wear.

    Start the side clips from the top with the keeper cord on “top.”


    Slide the clips down, and keep the cord behind the antenna as you go.


    It should look like this when the clips are on and down. This way, if the clips should loosen up over time from wear, they won’t slide off. It’s just a good backup to the friction fitting. After time and wear, depending on each user, the friction may loosen and the keeper cord will prevent side clip loss.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] DSCN3620 web resized.jpg DSCN3624 web resized.jpg DSCN3620 web resized.jpg DSCN3624 web resized.jpg

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