Farina Rally/Ranges Rally

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    Jun 11, 2006
    Land of droughts, and flooding rains
    Great rally.:clap Thanks to Beet and Trish
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    Jun 29, 2005
    Hey, that is interesting.
    My comment about it being her hometown was from two years ago when I stopped in on my way to and from the OCR.
    That is my mistake as I could have sworn she said it was her hometown. Maybe it was her home district.
    As for the Yes supporters in the area, I did query the comment that there supposedly some locals for the dump, as I couldn’t see any advantage to the community, unless the council were going to make money off the Government over some sort of lease arrangement ?
    I can’t see a Nuclear dump providing too many long term jobs and I did ask who could possibly support it from the area.
    The only vested interest I could see would be if it was going on private property. ($$) ?

    I was given to understand that she left because of something to do with the issue.

    Happy to stand corrected.

    Apologies for slipping Politics into the thread.
    I was really just praising her former cafe !

    Actually for a small population, having 3 (?) Cafe’s is a bloody good achievement.

    I first visited Quorn in 1980 and I keep coming back (all the way from WA each time)

    It’s a great area and it makes for a good rally ride. :thumb
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    Jun 29, 2005

    Claw and I got back to Perth around 1730hrs today.
    We had a couple of long days.
    We left Port Augusta, SA at midday on Monday.

    No heavy rain going home, just bloody strong headwinds.

    I have had this little Strom for about 8 months now and I am more and more impressed.
    That little motor is amazing.
    It can sit on sustained above legal speeds easily, although sitting consistently above 5,500 revs (redline starts at 10,500) and into a headwind can give fuel figures as low as 14-15 kms per litre.

    I was pushing hard on the gravel section between Norseman and Hyden today, into a strong headwind and used 18.96 litres for 301 kms !

    I had the final fuel warning light flashing from 20 kms before town and not knowing the system intuitively yet, I panicked a little and coasted the last bit sitting on 110 kph.

    I’m pretty sure the ‘06 model has 22 useable litres, but I will check the book before we leave for Townsville.

    I know my brother has got figures of 24 kms per litre at steady low speeds on dirt.
    Just an amazing bike.
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    Aug 9, 2011
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    When I was at the rally I was thinking about doing a loop through Mulgaria Stn to Andamooka, returning via-Borefield-Maree-back to Farina... I asked a few people what the story was with getting permission to go through Mulgaria Stn and the responses ranged from "it's closed" to "you have to pay $50", it sounded too hard so I just did a day ride up to Lake Eyre North...

    I'm over at Andamooka at the moment and I called Mulgaria Stn last night seeking permission to go through there today, it was no issue, and no cost.... Nice ride but probably more suited to trail/enduro bikes rather than big-beasts, a big bike would be fine in the right hands though... There's some fairly rocky and eroded sections and a few dunes and sandy sections between Andamooka and Mulgaria... Mulgaria to Farina is all good...
    GPS files on the "Export" tab here:

    I got the contact details from here:
    Mulgaria Station. Phone: (+61 8) 8675 8313

    Figured I'd mention it for if anyone wants to use that route to or from the rally next year :)
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