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    Building a sidecar rig is a money pit and you will NEVER get back what you poured into building it. I opted to buy a used Ural Tourist as an introduction to sidecars. I suggest you look for a 07 or newer, play with it for a while and once you've made up your mind that you are indeed a sidecar kind of guy, you can upgrade. I rode my Ural for a full year before selling it for exactly what I paid for it!

    Sidecars have much more in common to solo motorcycles than wearing a helmet and protective gear. All of the controls are exactly the same as a solo bike, operating the clutch, throttle, front & rear brakes, and shifting is exactly the same.

    What is not the same is how they handle/steer. Sidecars are more like riding a quad on the pavement than a motorcycle.

    Don't be detoured by the safety freaks about needing classes or expect death or dismemberment if you don't take a class. While the classes wouldn't hurt, many many of us have gotten along just fine for tens of thousands of miles and years of enjoying sidecars without any specific training. There is plenty of information available out there for tips and techniques without having to take a class. That, along with solid judgement skills and some practice, driving a sidecar is easily mastered.
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    Your imagination.

    Steady there, Killer. This thread hasn't been locked down or punted to Head Explody, yet. So you're still in with a chance :lol2

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    Thanks for all the advice. What heavy bikes are best for building a hack? BMW is my first choice. 11XXGS's would be my first choice, but they are getting a little long in the tooth, K1200LT's are great bikes, had one just did feel like riding a motorcycle, K1600's are a little pricey. The Gold Wings fall in the same category with the LT along with price and age. The VTX and ST1300 look like they would be good bikes. Thought about putting a sidecar on my DL650, but I don't know if it is heavy enough and have enough power to make a good hack. FJR's don't see any with hacks for sale. Wonder why?

    Next up comes side cars. Does anybody have a list of what side car manufacturers and models are bike specific?

    Thanks again, Jon
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    The 3 sidecar outfits that I know about are DMC Sidecars & Freedom Sidecars, Hannigan. I think all of them have several different cars that will match your requirements, just check them out. The 1100/1150 bikes allowed using the rear end from a R850 ( lower gearing ). You basically pick the bike you want to use and match it up with sidecar mounts that match the car to your bike.

    The DL650 has been hacked a few times, but it really boils down to your end use of the rig. If it is highway cruising then more displacement is a good idea. One thing with chain driven bikes is the gearing is easily changed to accommodate the addition of a car.
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    USA wise, don't ignore Champion.. However, choice of sidecar presumably still depends on previously mentioned criteria, i.e. chosen motorcycle, finance available and intended use.
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    A little long in the tooth age wise but mileage wise not so much.

    2003, R1150GS Adventure, 25k miles:


    2004, R1150GS Adventure, 46k miles: