help i need any large screen gps

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    I'm a cheap OLD bastard who also need reading glasses. So here is what I did. I purchased a refurbished Garmin Nuvi 57LM. $70. I found a video on Youtube on how to waterproof the front screen. I put 3M tape over the MicroSD port and Speaker Port. Put dialetric grease in the USB port. So far it has survived a LOT of rain and off-road riding. But if it's only $70 to replace. The Nuvi series is designed for cars and only comes with a map that is primarily for driving on roads but the LM means lifetime maps for updates for the map it includes. But I downloaded road and topo maps for Garmin that also work in BaseCamp from and These maps are routable. The Nuvi also sucks at just dumping in a GPX file for routing but I take my GPX files and run them through IMGfromGPX. It's free and creates a transparent map overlay so now you can see your regular map and then a line color of your choice. For multi-day trips I create a transparent map for each day. They are tiny at about 105KB per file. I have a 32GB micro-SD card in the Nuvi. I also use the free Garmin POI Loader to take any GPX waypoints I want to use and it adds them to the Nuvi so they are searchable and routable. I've been really really happy with the solution. At $70 for the GPS, $10 for a MicroSD card, adding a Cig charging port and a RAM mount added another $70 to the project. But for $150 it works AWESOME. Used it to route me on the Washington BDR, a 5 day loop up in Canada and many other trips. I've also already created all the POIs and maps for my ride next year up to Alaska. 30 day trip. This Nuvi has a 5" diag screen so about twice as big as your current one. The touch screen works just fine with gloves on. I don't need glasses to use it. Hope this helps a bit. Hit me up if you have any questions!

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    Anyone here know if the lifeproof mini 4 Nuud case fit in the lifeproof mini cradle? Both of these items are just about impossible to find, but seem like the only good waterproof solution for mounting a mini 4.