How does one get from Panama to Colombia?!

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    Hello, friends!
    I rode my Honda CB500X from Oakland, California to Turrialba, Costa Rica to volunteer for 6+ months; I arrived just shy of a month ago. My partner is flying into Cartagena, Colombia and I was planning on riding through Panama, taking the ferry over, and meeting up with him before we head back to Costa Rica two up for his flight out of San José...this all was very romantic and fun until I saw that the ferry isn't running anymore and there seems to be no alternative in addition to zero roads connecting the two countries...:shog
    How in the hell do you get to and from Colombia and Panama on a bike affordably?!?
    I am NOT a wealthy woman at the moment...
    Wishing a shiny side up for all,
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    Wow, I can't believe no one has answered this... BUMP and good luck! Sorry I can't help but I've never been there.
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    Hola Leigh!

    Congrats on your ride so far!! Perfect bike for the trek I might add.

    Well, it turns out that there are only a couple of options to get around the Darien Gap. 1) By sailboat - google The Stalratte and The Wildcard. Or 2) Fly you and your bike. In the end, it's going to cost you about $1k US each way, for either option. Not cheap!

    I would recommend finding a place to stash your bike in Costa to Colombia....then fly back. Pick up your bike and ride home! If you leave your bike and fly to Colombia investigate in advance to make sure that this doesn't cause problems with your TVIP for the bike.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip!!