Multiple devices used to log on to ADV: help needed

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    I would like to know how it would be possible to sync (3) three computers--two lap tops & one desk top to one password for all three. everything I try is in vain as I get ---
    "username in use--- incorrect password ----e-mail in use" & so on---- I realize that there are 3 separate IP addresses & that I don't use all 3 at one time(except during F5-"Dakar Week". I have desk top in my computer room, 1 lap top in garage & one in assembly "white room" ----all I want is to be able to sign on all computers with the same password & not change any thing else-----any help, comments, snide remarks or actual problem resolved would be greatly appreciated.

    Or maybe I'm to stupid to figure this out---yea, that's probably it------

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    You can be logged on to ADV from multiple computers using the same user ID. Log on with your username and password. I'm on from my tablet, phone, laptop and desktop. If it's not working, log out, clear the cookie cache and log in.
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    The error message phrases make it sound as though you're trying to create a new account rather than trying to login. Make sure the radio option is 'Yes! My password:', as the other option implies you don't have an account and are trying to create one.

    Any chance you've recently gone on a spree configuring all your devices for security, like maybe enabling private/incognito browsing modes and/or denying cookies? Certain settings will prevent your computer from retaining the saved login. Also, make sure you're checking the 'Stay logged in' box.

    For future reference, I wouldn't use the word 'sync' in this context as it tends to be associated with slightly different concepts. You want to be simultaneously logged in from 3 different devices, which should definitely be possible unless it's something like a banking website. Also, if these devices are all connected through your home network, the server only sees one IP address. Not 3. The devices have individual IP addresses specific to your network, but once they go 'out the door', they all come from the same 'real world' IP assigned by your internet provider. That's the role the router/switch box plays. However, servers can detect that there is more than one device coming from the same IP address because there is additional information to make some guestimates. When your cellphone is off the wifi, like out in the yard, it now has a different IP address given by the cellular company.
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    I'm pretty tech-inept and I stay perpetually logged-in on a MacBook, an iPad, and a Blackberry, without issue. If anyone should have a problem, it's me. :photog
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