Navigator VI Software Update 4.90 Released

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by marco polo, Nov 28, 2017.

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    Nav-VI Garmin update v4.90 details 2017-11-27.jpg Garmin just released software update 4.90 for the Nav VI, addressing a long list of issues.
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    I downloaded/installed the new Nav VI software this morning and it appears to have fixed the Smartphone Link connectivity (at least for me). While running errands today, I was receiving local temperature/weather info along with traffic alerts. I was also able to browse playlists on my iPhone and see the album art for the currently playing song. However, once I started a song, I couldn't pause/stop it from playing, nor could I skip forward/backward. The only way to stop the music streaming (while riding) was to turn off the Nav VI Bluetooth and then turn it back on. I'll try clearing all the Bluetooth pairings maybe this evening (iPhone <-> Nav VI <->Sena 20S <-> Sena SM10) and re-pair everything to see if that clears up the music streaming. While wandering about in today's amazing weather, I also tried the "Here I Am" (or whatever it's called) app on the Nav VI. It correctly sent me an email with a link to the location, but clicking the link just opens an essentially blank page. That app/function has never worked for me. Too bad as it would be a quick way to let family/friends know where you are on a long road trip.
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