Newb- help with a leak?

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by dirttransitions, Oct 6, 2017.

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    hi all- I've owned my 2002 bmw f650gs for about 7 hours now and 80 miles. This wet tube/leak has developed and previous owner reports never seeing the entire hose wet- just that it needed drained every once in a while. There's nothing to drain and after a wipe down and continued riding- wet all over again. Any help would be appreciated.

    Brand new to dirt/dual sport riding. Got my feet wet with an r1100rt and now on a r1200rt. And the f650...loving it!!!

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    Looks like an airbox drain. Possibly recent oil change and a bit over filled. if you can get in to the airbox, easy enough to confirm, and really not much to worry about, likely just a bit of excess that should stop filling that drain. Could also be from the head, not familiar with that model...but it's not under pressure and either should just be allowing a bit of excess oil out for now. I'm sure a model specific person will be along with better info.