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    Sep 16, 2007
    Melbourne, Australia
    BMW F650 Dakar wheel set - 21" and 17".
    Complete with discs and ABS rings. Have done lots of kms, but still serviceable. Front disc still within spec, but rear needs to be replaced. Comes with Dunlop D606 knobbies (F=75%, R=50%) and heavy duty tubes. Bearings are good and packed with waterproof grease.
    Price = $400. Located in Melbourne.
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  3. GodSilla

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    Sep 21, 2006
    GodSowncountry Australia
    Tired of your mates puling all the chicks?

    Sick of the local schoolkids beating you up?

    Fed up with being laughed at by the local Ulyssess?

    Then you need what I'm selling! A genuine Blingmaster 10,000 accessory, straight to you!
    Hold your head high with this superb piece of anodised luxury, you'll be needing the old one (RRP $312.35c) to fight off the excess chicks (and belt the odd schoolkid/Ulysses who gets too close...). Crikey, you'll even be able to afford some better mates.

    There are conditions. Firstly you need a Man's bike. A KTM690.

    Second, it has to already have a cush drive.

    Thirdly, you need the vision and asking price ($100 plus postage) to step up to your new life.

    So here it is, a vision of orange splendour (bearing included :D):

    IMG_5392.JPG IMG_5393.JPG

    Hurry now to avoid disappointment!

    Interest-free full-price payment plans available!

    Liberate the lump in your pants!

    P.S. Located at postcode 2550. Bega Valley, in case you wanna pick up.
  4. dazza67

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    Apr 29, 2012
  5. G.T

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    Mar 1, 2007
    View attachment 1250771 1B2A98E9-844E-4E7E-94E6-01FEE27D9A2B.jpeg B12D6D84-4422-4A34-840B-FAD94B3FF373.jpeg View attachment 1250766 Ok guys , time for a shed clean out ..
    Have a few rallye items for sale .
    MD/with computer and mount $450
    Safari fuel tanks 2 x sets plus mounting plates . $250 per set plus $100 for mounts .
    Full quad nav tower with 2 x ICO’s and MD map roller . Mount is for a Honda quad TRX 700 xx .
    Also have additional ICO and controls .
    RED Computer $160
    ICO VR with control $450
    Handle bar control Bbillit alloy $100
    Additional cables . $20 each
    PM for any more info .
  6. G.T

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    Mar 1, 2007
    Hi All .

    I have a set of Dakar nav and sentinel system with all cables .....new and unfortunately never used ..

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    BOOTLACE Bikie Scum.

    Dec 24, 2005
    Methane Central..(Sth Gippsland)
    Simpson? Tanami? CSR? Gunbarrel? And back?

    Kiddies, you know there's only one tool for the job!

    Well blinged and ready to go, so buy it! $4500.


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  8. Beet

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    Nov 26, 2005
    PRICE DROP -For sale one used F700gs 2012/13 model. 116,625ks. Had timing chain etc. done at 113,391ks by BM Motorcycles Ringwood Victoria, I have recite. Not a lot I can say about these bikes other than they just keep on going. Im in the Kiewa valley Victoria near Wodonga. Rear Tyre would need replacement soonish. Comes with Vic. rego. This is a standard F700gs with crash bars and hand protection as shown in photo. Can send more photos if interested. Im thinking $4,900.00. 0458294271 if interested best to call or TXT or if you really have to, leave a message here. Thanks and all the best. IMG_5455.jpg
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  9. kveldulv

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    Jan 16, 2006
    Melbourne, Australia
    As I no longer own a 640, I’m selling my collection of genuine, brand-new KTM spare parts. Originally purchased for a 2003 640 Adventure, but most will suit other models.

    I believe some of these are no longer available, so this could be the last chance to grab these items brand-new!

    Re-listing because I thought they had sold, but in fact they did not.

    Pickup from Melbourne. Click on the description links for photos and more info.

    Description.......................KTM Part #.....Sale Price (RRP)
    2003 640 Adventure Fuel Tank......58207013244.....$1,250.00 ($2,516.90)
    Swing arm.........................58404030344.......$600.00 ($1,209.55)
    Rear hub (sprocket carrier).......58310050144.......$125.00 ($256.80)
    Exhaust header (LH)...............58405007400........$80.00 ($175.85) Sold pending payment
    Exhaust header (RH)...............58405008500.......$250.00 ($506.15) Sold pending payment
    Cylinder..........................5843000510023.....$400.00 ($798.70)
    Piston & rings....................58430007100 II....$250.00 ($553.65)
    Waterpump (complete)..............58335050044.......$350.00 ($681.20)
  10. ScottyDog

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    May 20, 2007
    Brisbane, Australia
    KTM 350EXC
    2013 model
    4000 k's
    Excellent condition
    New Suspension Matters tuned suspension
    Near new tyres
    Bark busters
    Registered til end of August, 18
    Located Brisbane Westside
    $6950 negotiable
    PM if interested for pics.
    Cheers Scott
    0438 878196
  11. ScottyDog

    ScottyDog Been here awhile

    May 20, 2007
    Brisbane, Australia
    2013-2016 KTM EXC parts

    Complete wheel set, front & rear, silver, as new, including:
    - As new discs - 1 short ride
    - Motion Pro rim locks
    - HD tubes
    - Motoz Mountain X Hybrid 18" - 1 short ride
    - Michelin Starcross 5 Hard 21" - 1 short ride
    Complete set: $1350

    Seat Concepts seat EXC low - new - $275 - SOLD
    Standard seat - new - $85
    Plastic headlight protector - new - $50
    Crossbar brace / GPS holder - new - $75

    Located in Westside Brisbane. Pickup or plus freight.

    Cheers, Scott 0438 878196
  12. Squily

    Squily Squily

    Sep 18, 2006
    Esperance WA (Down Under)
    Selling a few left over bits after my fork swap on the AT. Trying to do some cost recovery. All prices include postage

    Bits came off iceberstu's 2012 Husqvarna WR300. May also fit 2010 - 2014 WR 250/300 & TE250 and others.

    Exel 21" wheel, with disk and axle and with rim lock. $250

    Stu said "The rim was trued when I put that tyre on so no buckles or cracks and all the nipples turn well. Might need to go over it and check spoke tension but should be fine."
    Disk brake is 250mm diameter, with 135mm centre-to-centre for mounting points. 3mm thick. Rim is 54mm wide on the outside. Axle diameter is 25mm (bearing ID)


    Triple clamps: $200
    shaft is 230mm long and 28mm in diameter. Top fork diameter is 54mm, holes 200mm centre-to-centre. Bottom fork diameter 59.4mm. Used JYB open cartridge forks (not SSS - they are 58mm at the top). Bar clamps are 29mm


    Brembo brake caliper, master cylinder and brakeline. Off disk wheel listed above: $200

    Bars: $80
    29mm clamp diameter, 22mm grip diameter and 800mm width.

    Or grab it all for $600 or make me an offer

  13. Squily

    Squily Squily

    Sep 18, 2006
    Esperance WA (Down Under)
    Stock Africa Twin forks.

    Stock springs in the box and heavier springs fitted inside. Has those little wings on the preload adjuster for hand adjustment.

    I changed to KYB's because the forks have stiction as a result of some where patches where the anodising is worn off on the inside of the tubes. Honda says its normal, but it isn't. Teknik offers exchange tubes recoated with a Kashima coating which may solve the problem.



    Other than that they are in good condition, no leaks. Been serviced often, but will need new oil as I can guarantee there will be plenty of gold flakes inside the oil again.

    $800 + postage
  14. Rebo

    Rebo roOSTer

    Feb 3, 2015
    South Brisbane
    Rebel X Sport rally tank for ktm 2016-2017

    Im selling this 14.5L rear fuel tank from my 500 excf. $3000 Pickup Brisbane or buyer pays postage.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  15. Rebo

    Rebo roOSTer

    Feb 3, 2015
    South Brisbane
    Yenkro Rally Fairing for 2017 500 excf

    Brand new never used. Only fitted and a couple items mounted to the tower. Pickup only Brisbane $750

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  16. Rebo

    Rebo roOSTer

    Feb 3, 2015
    South Brisbane
    IMS fuel tank RV-3

    Never used and only fitted

    $250 buyer pays postage[​IMG][​IMG]

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  17. Rebo

    Rebo roOSTer

    Feb 3, 2015
    South Brisbane
    IMS fuel tank RV-4

    Only used for a short time so it is still in good condition. Fuel pump not included.


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  18. QJBall

    QJBall Adventurer

    Dec 28, 2015
    2003 KTM 950 Adventure S ready to roll on your big adventure.
    Just reduced from 8500$ to 8000$ located in Midlands (Perth) at Overland Adventure Equipment. They are not selling it but are just storing it for me. These bikes are made for Australia! They eat up kilometers as fast as you can put fuel in the tank. I only bough the bike for a short 6 week trip in Australia. Now I am back in Canada with another 950 and need to sell this one. I love these bikes! New everything on this bike, recent top end, cam chains, sliders, oil pressure relief valve and more. It has fresh oil and is ready to ride! In appreciation of Overlanders letting me store the bike there I will knock an additional 300$ off the price if you buy 300$ worth of adventure gear at their shop. That way you get ready for an adventure and it supports a great local company that bends over backwards to help travellers! Email me at qball@sophrosyne-env.com with any questions. Head out there to overlanders, have a look and you will want to buy it!!!
    2018 KTM Adventure Rallye (235).jpg

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  19. pickle

    pickle Adventurer

    Sep 24, 2007
    Brisbane, Northside
    bmw sale 4.jpg
    BMW F800gs 2009 with 35500kms on the clock. looking for $8,850 and the bike is based in Brisbane with 6 month rego.
    ABS switchable
    Heated grips 2 position
    Comfort seat, original also available
    WunderLich screen deflector
    Givi touring screen may be available for an extra cost as its new in box never used
    ALT Rider crash bars
    Pannier racks
    Rear luggage rack
    MSC steering damper
    Headlight protector
    Bash Plate
    Pivot pegz
    Heavy duty front sprocket guard
    3 sets of tires, Motoz tractionator GPS fitted, TKC80's and Michelin anakee 3 as spares.
    Chain and sprockets in great condition
    Just serviced and valves checked, Motorex oil used & new filter, spark plugs
    Uni Filter air filter
    New wheel bearing just fitted
    MPE enhanced suspension front and rear
    Best Rest rear suspension strengthening bracket installed with high tensile upper bolt.
    So many extras to list
    This bike is ready to go anywhere in comfort.
    No time wasters or joyriders
    No swaps for VN commodores or Falcons
    Bags and GPS not included in sale.
    Call or text 0416 847 932
    bmw sale 2.jpg
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  20. billyt53

    billyt53 Phast Phossil

    Jan 3, 2008
    Sydney - Nth Subs
    2003 BMW R1150GSA Located in Sydney, Nth suburbs
    84000 klms NON ABS
    Has heaps of extras including:
    Wilbers lowered suspension (have original suspension as well)
    3 seats (original high seat, lower original seat plus brand new Corbin seat)
    Centec fuse box for powering additional equipment
    Brand new BMW battery
    Stebel air horn
    HID headlights
    Verns Worldbeater panniers (great piece of kit)
    Pivot pegs
    Alloy head guards (Stanton copies from UK)
    Y - pipe (plus original)
    Tank bag
    Original crash bars are presently off the bike as are the driving lights
    Top box
    Spare parts: Brand new Clutch slave cyl, New Hall sensor. Heaps of oil filters
    No rego but can blue slip it if required
    Have a log of all maintenance done since purchased in 2008

    Asking $7000 must go as have to reno kitchen.
    Call 0429001474 or pm/msg

    BM.jpg BM2.jpg