PA Canyon Day Trip

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    Took a short ride from Wellsboro, Pa down 287 south to Morris, then picked up 414 West from Morris through Blackwell, Cedar Run and eventually Slate Run and returning to Wellsboro via the same route. Lots of twisties and scenery. In Slate Run, we lunched at the Manor Hotel. They have a good menu, nice bar and outdoor seating when weather permits. On the return we stopped at Wolfs General Store, unlike most general stores, this one is also an Orvis shop and delicatessen. Something for everyone. Part of this route parallels Pine Creek and the Pine Creek Rail to Trail. Pine Creek is a PA high value trout stream so take your 5 weight. Do pay attention to delayed harvest areas and other special regs. Stop by Wolfs to get your license and pick up a frw local flies. The rail to trail is one of the top ten in the world and is 60 miles long with a less than 1% grade. Bike rental is available in several locations. There are two ice cream shops as well; one in Cedar Run and one in Blackwell. Although fall foliage is less than spectacular this year we had a great short ride (despite riding in the rain on the return and a stand-off with a raccoon). Spend some time in picturesque Wellsboro also. I say picturesque because it was voted the most picturesque town in PA this year. The Penn Wells Hotel, The Steak House, and the Wellsboro Diner are three resteraunts I recommend if your visiting.


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    Pictures do not appear to be working.
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    Great area, had a great day fishing Cedar run a couple weeks ago, despite the low water!