Shipping from Malaysia to Indonesia

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by willemdamen, Jul 4, 2018.

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    In the past, according to several threads, many people have used Chakra Enterprises to ferry their bike from Georgetown (Malaysia) to Belawan (Sumatra) on an "onion boat". I have tried to contact them but their phone is no longer working and emails are not replied to.

    Has anyone recently shipped their bike to or from Indonesia to Malaysia? Much obliged....
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    We last year shipped from Kota Kinabulu on Borneo to KL. I realise that this doesn't directly address your question, but consider this. There are two regular and reliable options to do this route. One is a RoRo, Giga shipping and the other is Malaysian air services. Both will get your bike into either Kuching or Kota Kinabulu on Malaysian Borneo out of either Port Klang (Giga shipping) or KL international airport (MAS) In either case you will have to fly, but you have to do this if you use Mr Lims onion boat anyway. The Giga shipping option to Kota Kinabulu say + airfare for you is a cheaper and more reliable option than Mr Lim to Sumatra! The MAS flight option is more expensive, but still reasonable. Once on Borneo the options are fantastic. There is actually wildlife to see. The stress levels are HUGELY reduced due to the lower traffic density as compared to the rest of Malaysia/Indonesia. Then once you are done with Borneo you can ferry to either Suliwasi and onto Java or directly to Java.

    Lets us know how you get on.