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Discussion in 'Americas' started by RexRuthless, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Feb 13, 2018
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    Good day all!

    This summer I want to ship my bike from Greensboro NC to San Francisco CA. I need some advice on shipping and, more importantly, receiving. I want to be able to pick the bike up and get it running in fairly short order. Ideally I would want the bike to arrive in San Fran before I do so that I won't be wasting precious vacation time waiting for it to arrive.

    Questions and notes:

    I plan to build the crate and pack the bike and gear myself.
    I have not yet chosen a shipper. Any suggestions on a reliable one?
    Anyone know of a place in the San Francisco area where I can ship the bike that will receive it and hold it until I arrive (any where from 1 to say 3 days)?
    Ideally the receiver will assist me in getting the crate to an area to unpack, facilitate disposing of the crate material, and help with obtaining oil, brake fluid, and petrol to get to a filling station since I think fluids have to be drained. I assume I can use an Uber to purchase fluids but not sure how that will go over with an Uber driver unless I find a really cool one.

    My biggest concern is holding the bike until I arrive. I am happy to pay for the services but I want to be sure I am not stranded on the first day of my cross-country trip.

    Any advice is appreciated!
  2. Ray916MN

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    Apr 23, 2011
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    Any dealer is more than likely to have no problems receiving and storing your bike. Most shippers, ship uncrated full of fluids these days. This eliminates the cost of crates and the need to have fork lifts to move bikes around and the need to drain a bike before shipping it. The risk of a shipper delivering on time is generally greater than the risk of a shipper picking up on time. I would plan on having a bike delivered at least a week in advance of when you need it there and be willing to accept delivery 2 weeks in advance of when you need it. I've used for shipping of over a half dozen bikes in the past few years and have never had a problem. I've also used shippers off of uShip a few times without any significant issues, although there is more luck involved using uShip so if you have allot riding on getting a bike to somewhere, I would use Haulbikes.
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    Based on what Ray said, have you considered reversing your trip? Ride to SF, and ship it home. Drop it at a agreeable dealer in SF to arrange the shipping, and fly home. That way you are not missing your trip if the bike is late.
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    We are also in the process of finding a shipping company to ship our Vstroms from preferably Houston to Colombia. Thankfully I have a great girl that has been chasing them down as it has been difficult to get the shipping companies cornered.
    My question is in regards to Ray916MN, is shipping without a crate safe? The main reason I ask is a lot of the info we have read other riders are creating them, however the shipping company out of Houston has said that a crate was not needed . Every body is doing it . Lol
    Any input on this would be great ,
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    When are you planning to arrive in S.F.? My son and I are riding the TAT and planning to finish up in Coos Bay around August 17-20. I’m considering having a friend drive out to meet us there. He’d be pulling my enclosed trailer to bring us home. I don’t like the idea of crating the bikes, draining fluids and waiting for the shipper to arrive. Also nice to leave all our gear on the bikes. If the timing is close I think We can help each other. By the way, I live near Statesville.