The New TurTal Tubeless Tire is coming

Discussion in 'Hacks' started by TurTal, Sep 29, 2017.

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  1. TurTal

    TurTal Been here awhile

    Jul 30, 2015

    If you have found your way here


    You are Safe

    If at anytime in the future you get insulted...offended...triggered...or confused

    Please...make your way back here

    To enhance effectiveness of my Safe can put your fingers in both ears and simultaneously with your best assertive voice yell out LA,LA,LA,LA,LA,LA,LA continuosly

  2. TurTal

    TurTal Been here awhile

    Jul 30, 2015
    I and many I know have and currently use Stans as well as Bontrager...Orange Seal and Slime

    Not bragging but because we live in the desert we consider ourselves experts on flat proofing our tires

    I've seen thorns flatten tires on an BS

    We know what worx

    Stans does make an excellent product and their tubeless system is pretty dam effective

    We have them in our mountain bikes and I have some in there with the Tubliss setup although it wasn't needed I felt it would be effective for tiny punctures without plugging and keep me moving on the trail


    It is not....repeat....not designed for larger machines such as dirt bikes...dual sports...street bikes...and especially the 800 pound earth crushing Ural

    Ask me how I know

    It is a great addition to any of these machines that have tubeless tires up to a point

    One problem we found is it can find its way through the nipples of some rims and makes one hell of a mess

    Another is Ammonia content

    All Im trying to convey in the above post and apparently I missed the that rim Tape and Stans aint gonna cut it if you're going to convert your Ural to tubeless

    If it did I would have posted it

    I spend alot of money...time...research and testing as well as my personnel safety to find out what does and doesn't work

    I don't always get it right at first and I've had my share of catastrophic failures...I've got the broken bones...scars and titanium to prove it

    Doesn't make me an expert but I usually have a damn good Idea what isn't going to pass muster when I'm done

    300 motorcycles and 40+ years of being a motorcyclist not a weekend warrior I can absolutely assure you this aint my first rodeo

    Safety is always my main concern....period!

    Especially if I'm passing something on

    So if it takes a bit or a little longer than folks want to wait....tuff

    They can Invest....Design and build it themselves

  3. Strong Bad

    Strong Bad Former World's Foremost Authority

    Oct 29, 2007
    Omicron Persei 8
    Now isn't that easier than knee jerk reactions and bashing?

    Leaking past spokes making a mess and Ammonia content, OK I get that, but I'm still waiting on said danger specifics.
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  4. TurTal

    TurTal Been here awhile

    Jul 30, 2015
    711's not the majority

    Let me tell ya what the common denominator is

    On every forum there is always a handfull of know it all smart ass hypocritical pricks

    Well...I guess you can't really call them least a prick has a head

    Their usually the old guard...been there along time...lots of post...long running threads...etc.

    They don't...but in their minds they run the forum...control its narrative and keep the subordinates in their place

    If you have an idea...a different opinion or you're not willing to go along to get along better buckle up buddy

    Their little clique will not tolerate that shit

    On the forums its gang flaming....the SJW crowd calls it doxing....all these little groups have similar tactics

    You get rid of the opposition anyway and I mean anyway you can

    It's become an everyday part of our society

    It's the consequences of indoctrination

    Its a very very effective tool of the marxist

    "Accuse others of what you do"

    So yeah...theres definitely a common denominator

    Your choice...let it dominate until you tow the line


    You can ignore it


    You can get right back in their grill and give it right back to them ten fold

    Ill take the latter....always...just like I do in real life

    They don't like it....they can smooth Fuck Off or kick me off the forum

    Means nothing to me

    Quite frankly I'm fucking bored with it

    Just like Soviet Steeds... same old infintile shit


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  5. TurTal

    TurTal Been here awhile

    Jul 30, 2015
    "Now isn't that easier than knee jerk reactions and bashing"? long as your giving it you're going to get it right back

    Who the fuck are you anyway

    "Leaking past spokes making a mess and Ammonia content, OK I get that, but I'm still waiting on said danger specifics".

    Wouldnt it be more satisfying to do your own or a friends Ural wheel with your brilliant idea of tape and stans and that way you can show everybody how wrong I am and that I have no idea what Im talking about

    Or maybe you or your friend who's dumb enough to listen to you can learn the danger on your own

    The dangers shouldn't have to be explained to you...there obvious

    But if you insist....try it for yourself

    Let us know how that worx out for ya

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  6. RetiredandRiding

    RetiredandRiding Retired to Ride

    May 22, 2015
    Da Lat, Vietnam
    So stop watching the thread. Sheesh! You and the clown that followed right up your bum are whining like my 6-year-old daughter does, but more often.
  7. TurTal

    TurTal Been here awhile

    Jul 30, 2015
    Mature...civil minded....something interesting to offer maybe.........sorry my friend.......that's not what their about

    Ill give you a glaring example

    How many times have you seen the TurTal show up and cause a bunch of shit on these threads

    Large CSM Hack, Small Schnauzer

    The Gus Bus

    Dedone trail reduce mods1100/1150gs


    Oh I've been on know to read maybe learn something or leave a like sometimes

    I wonder how many times the fab 5 have showed up on mine to run their mouths and show their ass

    Could it be that the TurTal just has some really interesting and exciting threads that are so controversial out of the box on the fringe that they drive otherwise normally nice folks into mad raving idiots who can't control or help themselves

    Possibly, Maybe, Could be



    These are the kind of questions that make ya want to go hmmmmmm

    Ya cant fix stupid buddy

    They'll keep trying....Ill keep smacking them around till they tire for awhile...the rest will be entertained by it


  8. eastbloc

    eastbloc comprador bourgeois

    Jun 27, 2003
    Honestly TurTal I think it’s just your attitude. I opened this thread because I’m interested in what you’ve discovered, and to discuss the possibilities, but it took less than 5 posts before you begin to start hurling insults at people.

    I don’t know if you have a persecution complex or some other personality disorder, but whatever it is it certainly must make your life needlessly more difficult.
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  9. TurTal

    TurTal Been here awhile

    Jul 30, 2015

    You think because you say this shit about me it makes it true

    You sound Like a 5 year old on the play ground

    I treat folks how I'm treated

    You want to be civil....great will do that

    You want to talk shit for do that

    You want to play the dozens or kid hard....I'm in....we can do that all day....I wont take it personnel

    You know what I'm not gonna do....ever

    I'm not gonna listen to your bullshit while you and your ilk attack me and expect me to cower in the corner and take it

    I can handle all you've got....give it your best shot....I deal with folks a lot meaner than you in real life

    Remember you always have the choice of just keeping your mouth shut

    It doesn't say much for you idiots if you keep responding to such idiocy and mental disorder as you claim

    Isn't there a saying about arguing with a crazy person

    Now go're super boring and I'm getting irritated at myself for responding to your stupid shit

  10. T-Bear

    T-Bear bageldog

    Mar 31, 2010
    dogtown - NEOKLA
    TurTal you have great and unique ideas, but...

    Your drama... Please stop and evaluate yourself. Respectively.
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  11. TurTal

    TurTal Been here awhile

    Jul 30, 2015
    Oh for the love of pete

    Knock it off already with the my mental difficult life...bla bla bla bullshit

    Read the thread and move on

    Keep your fucking advice to yourselves

    Thank you.....but I'm not interested in it

    Jeezus you guys are exhausting with this nonsense

    Just read it and shut the hell up if you dont have anything nice to say

  12. robtg

    robtg Been here awhile

    Jun 29, 2007
    san jose
    How old are you guys?
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